How To Retrain A Lefty

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How To Retrain A Lefty
How To Retrain A Lefty

Video: How To Retrain A Lefty

Video: How To Retrain A Lefty
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You began to notice that your son shifts the spoon from his right hand to his left every time you turn away, and refuses to draw when you put a pencil in his right hand. Somewhere inside, an alarm bell immediately sounded - was he not left-handed? And what if he's left-handed? How to retrain?

How to retrain a lefty
How to retrain a lefty


Step 1

Today, almost everyone (both parents and psychologists) speaks out negatively about the need to retrain left-handed children, referring to the possibility of psychological trauma. But at the same time, there are also supporters of this procedure - these are those who at one time constantly suffered from their left-handedness and do not want the same fate for their child. If you are in this category of people, you can try teaching your child to use the right hand. In most cases, this is possible.

So, having made this decision, you should consider the following:

Step 2

Start retraining your child from a very young age, as soon as you find that he is using his left hand as dominant.

Step 3

Never, under any circumstances, criticize, scold or punish a child for using his left hand again.

Step 4

First of all, you should teach your child to eat with his right hand. If he takes the spoon in his left hand, move it to his right, but do it gently and unobtrusively.

Step 5

Try to make shifting the spoon one of several things you do (straighten the bib, pat the head, move the plate and shift the spoon). If you approach your child every time with the sole purpose of shifting the spoon, he may develop a negative reaction to your actions and, in general, to approaching him.

Step 6

Spending your free time with your child, give him toys in his right hand more often and ask the child to give them to you with his right hand. The whole process should be presented as a game.

Step 7

If your child is already showing an interest in drawing, try not to leave him alone in this process. Draw and write with him. Again, always move the pencil to your right hand. Think of a game: for example, who will draw the line better with the right hand

Step 8

And one more important point - if you yourself remain left-handed, let your spouse (if he is right-handed) often play and draw with the child. Children love to imitate their parents. Let the child see that dad is eating, writing and drawing with his right hand. Then the request to shift the pencil to the right hand will be more logical.

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