How To Find Out Where The Traffic Jams Are In Moscow

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How To Find Out Where The Traffic Jams Are In Moscow
How To Find Out Where The Traffic Jams Are In Moscow

Moscow is a huge city in which every third person has a private car. This is what affects the congestion of roads, which, even in 6 lanes during hot hours, continue to be busy.

How to find out where the traffic jams are in Moscow
How to find out where the traffic jams are in Moscow

How to find out on which roads in Moscow there are traffic jams

Unfortunately, nothing can be done about traffic jams, but it is very important to find out in time which roads are currently loaded and where to bypass. You can find out up-to-date information on traffic jams in Moscow in different ways.

The first and one of the most reliable is turning on the radio on the right waves. Autoradio regularly provides information to its listeners about cities. The uniqueness of the project is that people independently send information about current road problems.

A second great way to enable traffic-enabled maps on your smartphone or car computer. Yandex has one of these services. Moreover, the main page of the site displays the situation in the city in points on a ten-point scale. Marks over 5-6 indicate serious problems.

The third option can be a call to acquaintances who are driving in your direction or, for your reasons, could have been in this area of the city recently. Such information takes place.

Non-standard ways to keep abreast of all traffic jams in Moscow

You can get acquainted with the places of traffic jams in Moscow by simply visiting the site with online cameras on the city roads. On all such portals, they are divided by area. The accuracy of the transmitted data has a delay of no more than a few seconds.

Recently, most people, especially in Moscow, own smartphones on iOS or Android. In the official app stores for these phones, you can download both paid and free apps with traffic data. Most of them work on collecting data from other sources, for example, Yandex. Traffic.

Some people buy walkie-talkies in their cars. The fact is that truckers - drivers of large trucks, talk to each other on their own frequencies. Traffic jams and other traffic problems are reported regularly by them. This method also has a disadvantage. All information about traffic jams on the outskirts of the city, because trucks are not allowed to enter the city center.

It is only possible to deal with traffic jams in this way. Each driver should independently help unload the roads by looking for detours. In the future, only an increase in the number of cars is expected. A more developed metro network can partly solve this problem, but the construction of new stations is a long process and not everyone wants to use public transport.

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