How To Save A Drowning Person

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How To Save A Drowning Person
How To Save A Drowning Person

Video: How To Save A Drowning Person

Video: How To Save A Drowning Person
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The hot summer drives everyone into the water, not only swimming masters, but also newcomers who drank, people with heart diseases. And in some cases, the fun can end in tragedy. Often, the only chance for a drowning person to survive is to help other people. But when rescuing drowning people, you need to adhere to several rules.

How to save a drowning person
How to save a drowning person


Step 1

If you see that a person is drowning, do not waste time and swim to him (or call for help if you cannot swim). But you cannot swim in front, only behind, otherwise he may, in a panic attack, start clinging to the rescuer, pulling him under the water. In this case, the helper can take a sip of water, and two will have to be saved. Swim to the back of the drowning person and grab him under the armpits or by the hair.

Step 2

Turn the person face up so they have access to air and swim to the shore. Do not let him grab you and hold tight so that he cannot roll over. You can swim on your back with the drowning person's back on your stomach and paddling with your free hand.

Step 3

Rescuing a person drowning in a turbulent river with a strong current is more difficult - it requires teamwork. You need to line up: one rescuer stands on the shore, the second holds his hand in the water, the third goes even deeper, and so on. The chain is formed at an angle to the current, and the last person in it can help the drowning man.

Step 4

When you get the drowning person out of the water, assess his condition. If he is not feeling well and has a gulp of water, place him on his bent knee with his stomach (face down), so the water will come out of his lungs. In this case, the head should hang below the chest.

Step 5

Take a piece of cloth and remove the water and ooze from the mouth and nose. After that, turn the victim over, lay him on his back and check his pulse and breathing. If the previous manipulations did not help - breathing has stopped, the pulse cannot be felt, the pupils are dilated - quickly start doing artificial respiration and chest compressions. Remember that if a person does not start breathing after a couple of minutes, they may die.

Step 6

4-5 times firmly and sharply press on the chest and make one blow of air. There should be about 16 blows and 60-90 pressures per minute. Remember that if your heart rate is weak, you cannot massage your heart, otherwise it may stop. Therefore, check carefully for the presence of a pulse.

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