How To Find The Deceased

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How To Find The Deceased
How To Find The Deceased

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Wars, accidents, murders - the list goes on. And the result is the same - an irrecoverable loss. When the worst thing happened, little remains to be content: to bury as it should be, to take him on his last journey. But it is even more terrible when the body of the deceased is not found. How to act when a wound from the loss of a loved one deprives one of his sanity.

How to find the deceased
How to find the deceased


Step 1

So the realities of our life are taking shape that it is much easier to find a person who died in the war 70 years ago than his contemporary. It is especially difficult for residents of remote cities or villages. It seems like a paradox: it should be the other way around, because a village presupposes a cramped space where it is difficult to hide anything. However, this is not at all the case.

Step 2

When you are looking for your deceased relative in the war, then you, if I may say so, are "lucky" more than anyone else - you will be helped out by numerous memory books that are published and edited constantly.

Step 3

In addition, you have the opportunity to use the Internet, which is extremely rich in sites specifically devoted to this topic. Type in a search engine and you will receive many links.

Step 4

Residents of the remote periphery will have a hard time. According to experts, if it was not announced in the local news that the body was found, then independent investigations are almost guaranteed not to lead to a result.

Step 5

Contact the police. The guarantee of success will not increase, but in this case you will protect yourself from possible danger. Police officers are more adapted to danger than you are: information, weapons, special training.

Step 6

For your part, follow the events in morgues, hospitals, periodically inquiring about the information you need.

Step 7

If there was a case of drowning, then, after contacting the police, organize a search team of friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors or the deceased. Explore the bottom of the reservoir and, if it is with the current, then go further downstream.

Step 8

Focus on the time of disappearance and the principle: the longer, the further it could be carried away. Of course, consider the possible obstacles: driftwood, vegetation. The main thing is to always be careful.

Step 9

Remember that the death could not have been accidental and that theoretically the danger could threaten you too. Be carefull! Reinsurance in such a matter is never superfluous.

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