How Books Are Made

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How Books Are Made
How Books Are Made

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The book making process is quite complicated and includes several stages. Few people think about it, but many people of different professions are involved in it. Usually, everyone remembers only the authors of books, overlooking the contribution of editors, artists, layout designers and other employees of the publishing house, and without them the book would not have been published and would never have fallen into the hands of the reader.

How books are made
How books are made


Step 1

The main actor in the production of the book is its author. After he finishes his work on the manuscript, it is sent to a publishing house. There the manuscript is carefully studied, assessing its relevance and potential interest for the future reader. In the event that the publishing house is satisfied with everything, an agreement is concluded with the writer, providing for the publication of the book. The publisher acquires the manuscript by providing the author with a certain fee.

Step 2

After all preliminary organizational issues have been resolved, the manuscript can be returned to the editor. If necessary, certain changes are made, for example, a partial reduction of the text or correction of documentary inaccuracies is possible. After that, the necessary illustrations are selected for the future book, the type of font is selected. The publishing house's specialists think over the features of the book cover and binding in advance, and only after that a preliminary layout can be created, giving a more specific idea of ​​the appearance of the book. The author usually has the right, if desired, to make amendments to this layout, after which the procedure is repeated, and the version of the book is approved.

Step 3

The next stage in making a book is layout. The author is obliged to approve and sign the corresponding papers, received the final version of the layout. After that, the book is sent to print, and no further changes are possible. In the printing house, the printed pages are first stapled into a kind of notebook, usually no more than sixteen pages in them. These notebooks are stitched and combined in a certain way into a book block.

Step 4

Endpapers and a special tape are glued to each of the blocks. Most often it is made of gauze fabric, it is to it that the spine of the book is later attached. After all these procedures, the book blocks are thoroughly dried, if necessary, the edges are leveled by trimming. The prepared book blocks are pasted into the covers, after which the books are sent to the press. They are there for several hours - the glue should dry completely. Now the books are ready to get into the hands of the reader. They are carefully packed and shipped to their destination.

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