How To Use A Rosary

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How To Use A Rosary
How To Use A Rosary

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No one knows for sure who and for what reason invented the very first rosary, which appeared in the II millennium BC. in India. In many religions, they are used to count the number of prayers read and bows made. Central Asian shamans, for example, actually used not a tambourine in their rituals, but a rosary, with which they guessed about the future and death. It is necessary to use this religious attribute according to all the rules and with all seriousness.

How to use a rosary
How to use a rosary


Step 1

The rosary beads of different religions are very similar in appearance. This is a ribbon or cord on which beads-grains are strung, separated from each other by knots. The rosary is always closed in a ring - it is a magic symbol that accumulates power and symbolizes the crown of faith.

Step 2

The number of beads varies in different religions. In Buddhism, the rosary consists of 108 grains, the additional, the largest bead, is called "measure". Catholic rosary-rosary consists of 50 or 64 beads, Hindu - of 108, 54 or 50 beads, Muslim rosary - of 99, 33 or 11 beads, Orthodox - of 33 beads.

Step 3

At the end of the rosary, there can be different objects: in Orthodoxy - a cross and a tassel, in Catholicism - a cross, in Buddhism - two tassels and beads, in Hinduism - two identical tassels, in Islam - a small stone and a tassel.

Step 4

In Hinduism, rosary beads are used to recite mantras. You need to count the beads from the first in a clockwise direction. After reciting the mantra 108 times, you will again find yourself on the main bead, from which you count in the opposite direction.

Step 5

Hold the rosary in your left hand, on the middle finger, touch them with your thumb, connecting the ring, little and middle fingers together - this symbolizes the overcoming of the material world and the transition to the spiritual world.

Step 6

At first, try not to touch the rosary with your index finger - it symbolizes selfishness, from which you must get rid of. Over time, your index finger will help you move the beads.

Step 7

Read peaceful malas with your hand at the level of your heart. The mantras of strength and wealth are recited at the navel level.

Step 8

When working with Christian beads, repeat one prayer on one bead until the cycle of the specified number of prayers, bows and the sign of the cross is applied. When finished, hang the rosary to the icons if you prayed at home, or put it in your pocket if you read the prayer in the temple.

Step 9

In Japan, fingering the rosary with different fingers is used to influence various areas of the body: the large and forefinger relieve headaches, large and medium - relieve anger and depression, large and ring - increase resistance to pressure drops. If you crumple the rosary with your whole palm, the work of all organs of the body is normalized.

Step 10

In Islam, for 11 beads of a rosary, there is one prayer, consisting of just 11 parts. On the bridge after the eleventh bead, the prayer position changes.

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