Why Are There 108 Beads In The Rosary?

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Why Are There 108 Beads In The Rosary?
Why Are There 108 Beads In The Rosary?

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The use of rosaries has deep philosophical and religious implications. Mala - this is how it is correct to call the rosary in accordance with Buddhist philosophy - refer to religious objects, the main purpose of which is to communicate with the higher divine mind, japa, which is achieved by reciting a special form of address, or prayer, mantra.

Why are there 108 beads in the rosary?
Why are there 108 beads in the rosary?

If you look closely at the rosary, it becomes clear that they are all united by a single system of one hundred and eight beads strung on a thread and separated from each other by small knots.

A bead in a rosary is called a grain, and the combination of a bead and a knot is called a step.

Incarnate matter

It is 108 beads that are a symbol of the visible matter surrounding an ordinary person. The one hundred and ninth bead is considered a kind of separator, the intersection of which in the process of reciting the mantra means the loss of the meaning of the entire procedure of treatment, which is why the mantra is read, carefully sorting the beads in the clockwise direction, periodically turning the rosary so as not to break the so-called Samsara wheel, that is, not to cross the central one one hundred and ninth element.

It is interesting that the number 108 was not chosen by chance, after all, adding up all the numbers that make up this magic number, they get a nine, which in religious mythology means being and integrity, symbolizes the divine principle that has touched everything that ordinary mortals could only think of.

Among other things, it is symbolic that the ancient scriptures say that the Universe consists of 108 elements that carry the highest principle, and the diameter of the Sun is about 108 times the diameter of our planet. The distance from the Earth to the Moon does not exceed all the same 108 Moons, and the distance from the Earth to the Sun, as you might guess, 108 Suns, lined up one after the other.

Rosary beads are known to almost all monotheistic religions, but in Judaism they contain 99 beads, in Christianity - 50.

Human passions and mathematics

Of particular importance to the number 108 is a treatise on human passions, which, according to Buddhism, a person has neither more nor less than 108.

Assuming that everyone living on this earth has five different senses and minds, to which a certain experience is connected, dividing perception into pleasant and unpleasant sensations and a neutral attitude, multiplying the numbers meaning the above concepts, among themselves and doubling the value obtained in connection with two possible outcomes in any situation - bliss and rejection, you will receive the number 36. Now you need to transfer the magic number into three planes - past, future and present, and again the familiar number 108 appears.

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