How To Wear A Silver Ring

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How To Wear A Silver Ring
How To Wear A Silver Ring

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Silver is a white noble metal. A large number of people prefer silver jewelry to all other jewelry. How to wear silver rings and can you combine them with gold?

How to wear a silver ring
How to wear a silver ring


Step 1

Note that gold is considered a tonic metal and silver is considered a soothing metal. From this point of view, it is not recommended to combine these two materials with opposite properties. On the other hand, modern fashion allows jewelry made from different metals to be worn at the same time. However, to make your look more harmonious, wear only gold or only silver rings on one hand.

Step 2

It is believed that a person's index finger is responsible for the development of personality, talent, and the ability to achieve goals. The silver ring contributes to the negative outcome of all ideas and undertakings. Therefore, try not to put a ring made of this metal on your index finger.

Step 3

The middle finger "follows" how a person follows his destiny. Choose silver rings with a black or purple stone. When worn on your middle finger, they will help you become more visible among the general mass of people. A silver ring with amethyst will provide you with peace of mind, and with a moonstone - it will give credibility in the eyes of the interlocutors.

Step 4

It is believed that a vein originates from the ring fingers of both hands and goes straight to the heart. Therefore, this finger is responsible for the development of personal relationships of its owner. A silver ring, worn on the ring finger of an unmarried woman, can scare away potential applicants for the role of a spouse. On the hand of a married lady, the ring contributes to discord in her family.

Step 5

The little finger is "responsible" for the diplomatic abilities of its "master". The silver ring with chrysoprase will help you implement a new project, idea, and with jade, it will direct your thoughts to making the right and right decision.

Step 6

Remember that silver, according to esotericists, contributes to the development of magical abilities and the gift of foresight.

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