How To Bless Water At Home

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How To Bless Water At Home
How To Bless Water At Home

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Since ancient times, holy water has been considered a panacea for all misfortunes. It is not without reason that swimming in the ice-hole on the feast of the Epiphany of the Lord is still extremely popular. After all, it was the Jordan River, in which Jesus Christ was baptized, that drowned all the sins of mankind. In history, there are cases of complete healing with the help of holy water. In addition, it is often used to consecrate apartments. Basically, believers try to collect water that they blessed during the Great Consecration. It is produced twice a year: on the eve and on the day of Epiphany, that is, January 18-19. However, you can also order a special prayer service, during which the priest can also bless the water, usually this action is called "the small blessing of water." But those who, for some reason, cannot get into the church, can consecrate the water without leaving their homes.

How to bless water at home
How to bless water at home


In order to consecrate the water at home, you will need a three-liter can of water, as well as unconditional faith


Step 1

Fill a 3-liter container with regular tap water and let it sit for a while.

Step 2

Next, read the Divine Prayers over it. An example of such a prayer can be the morning one: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, prayers for the sake of Thy Most Pure Mother and all saints, have mercy on us. Amen.

Glory to Thee, our God, glory to Thee."

Finally, cross the jar of water three times.

Step 3

Then say a special prayer for the consecration of the water. Its text is reproduced below:

"Great God, work miracles, they are innumerable! Come to your praying servant, Master: eat your Holy Spirit and consecrate this water, and give it the grace of deliverance and the blessing of Jordan: create a source of incorruption, a gift of sanctification, permission by sin, healing of ailments, destruction by the demon, unapproachable to the opposing forces, I will fulfill the angelic fortress: as if everyone who draws and receives from it have for cleansing the soul and body, for healing with harm, for changing passions, for remission of sins, for driving away all evil, for sprinkling and sanctifying houses And if anything in the house, or in the place of those who live faithfully, this water will sprinkle, may all uncleanness be washed away, may relieve from all harm, below there may be a destructive spirit, below harmful air, may all dreams and slander flee the covering enemy, and if there is something, a hedgehog, or envies the health of the living, or peace, may it be reflected by sprinkling this water. Son and Holy Spirit, now and forever and forever and ever. Amen."

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