Buddhist Mantras

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Buddhist Mantras
Buddhist Mantras

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According to various traditions, the finest and most powerful energy of material nature is sound. In Buddhism, it was believed that mantras have such power.

Buddhist mantras
Buddhist mantras

What is a mantra

There are many definitions of the word "mantra". Scientists have not yet come to a unanimous opinion about what it is. Today, many people translate the word "mantra" as "spell", but this is not entirely true.

In fact, mantras are words that are used to denote natural sound vibrations that enable a person to attract mental and material wealth into his life. It is believed that every person who utters a mantra brings his own meaning into it and puts a piece of his soul into it.

All mantras were conditionally divided into several categories, which have their own gender. So, all male mantras end in "mind" and "phat", female - in "tham" and "matchmaker". There are also neutral mantras. As a rule, they end in "naham" and "paham".

Today there are a huge number of mantras. Moreover, if earlier they could be found in handwritten form, now progress has even reached audio recordings.

Mantras and conditions for reading them

One of the most popular mantras are mantras for attracting good luck and fulfilling desires. It is believed that if such mantras are read for a month at sunrise, it will help to gain success, love, health and wealth. To be effective, the mantra should be repeated three times. One of these mantras reads as follows: "Mangalam Dishtu Me Mahevari."

However, in order for the mantra to make sense, important conditions must be met. First of all, you need to find a place that is comfortable for you and relax as much as possible. After that, you need to close your eyes and take a deep breath. Mentally, you should talk about your problem and ask for help. Immediately after that, you need to start reading the mantra itself. Since it is believed that a mantra is a kind of sound vibration, it is best not to pronounce it, but to hum melodiously. It is very important in your mantra to indicate the name of the deity to which the appeal is going. As a rule, most of these requests are dedicated to the Buddha.

Despite the popularity of Buddhist mantras, all this defies logical analysis. If we consider them, according to conceptual analysis, we can say that they are meaningless and do not carry any subtext in themselves.

However, many practitioners believe that if you repeat the mantra regularly, your energy will increase and your vitality will reach its peak.

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