How To Develop A Party Program

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How To Develop A Party Program
How To Develop A Party Program

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The program of a political party defines the goals and objectives of this organization, as well as the ways of their implementation. This fundamental party document should reflect the ideological platform of political unification. Work on the creation of the program can go directly along with the formation of the core of the party and the construction of its organizational structure.

How to develop a party program
How to develop a party program


Step 1

Start working on the program by creating an initiative group. Writing this document can be done by one person, but it is best to involve like-minded people in writing it. The collective, which is connected by a common opinion, is able to work out all the provisions of the program more fully, without missing important details. Group discussion and exchange of views will also help to exclude one-sided presentation of the material and its tendentiousness.

Step 2

Develop an ideological platform on which the party program will be based. Any party is an association of broad masses who profess similar political views. The building of the party is based on common interests and unity of goals. These features should be reflected in the introductory part of the program, so that each reader can assess how the party's goals correspond to his worldview and life position.

Step 3

Outline in the program your vision of the political and economic situation in the country. Such assessments should objectively reflect the situation and at the same time emphasize those shortcomings in the development of society that hinder progress along the path of social progress. Try to keep your criticism constructive and based on real facts, gleaned from reliable sources. This section will conclude with a conclusion about the need to change the current state of affairs.

Step 4

Introduce the goals of the party into the program. Formulate priority and long-term objectives, ranking them in order of importance and relevance. It is necessary to show that all points of the plan are an interconnected system, and not a simple collection of disparate provisions. State in the document the ways that the party proposes to achieve its goals and solve problems. Be specific, try not to use abstract slogans and general phrases in the program that do not carry a semantic load.

Step 5

If necessary, draw up a minimum program and a maximum program separately, defining the terms and conditions of implementation for each part. This will make it possible to separate the primary tasks from the more general ones, which in reality can be carried out only after the party gains access to real power.

Step 6

Divide the party tasks into a series of stages. The first part of the program, for example, may involve the participation of party representatives in parliament. In this case, the maximum program will determine the actions of the party if the political association gains an overwhelming majority in the representative body. The tactics and the list of measures in the two described cases may be different.

Step 7

Edit the document after discussing it with the team members. Make the necessary changes and additions to the program. At this stage, it is also possible to conduct a broader discussion of the program provisions, inviting those who belong to the supporters of the political movement to familiarize themselves with the document. The final decision on the adoption of the party program is made by the party congress. After approval by the delegates of the congress, the program becomes the main document on which the party builds its activities.

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