How To Write A Good Ad

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How To Write A Good Ad
How To Write A Good Ad

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If you want to quickly sell an unnecessary thing - place an ad. But for some reason, many people respond to some of them at once, and no one pays attention to others? The fact is that ad design is a process based on certain patterns.

How to write a good ad
How to write a good ad


  • - complete information about the product (service);
  • - writing utensils or a computer.


Step 1

The purpose of any ad is to attract attention, to interest the buyer. Therefore, to write a good ad, combine both the brightness of the design and the informativeness. All ads have a strictly limited area, so you must isolate the most basic from the entire volume of information about the product (service). This will give you a draft ad copy.

Step 2

Choose a simple phrase that captures the essence of your proposal (for example, "sell an apartment") and make it a headline. The headline should be written in bold, preferably in a different color, and occupy a total of 1/3 of the ad space.

Step 3

The next most important element is price. Place the price at the bottom of the ad for 1/3 of the total space. Indicate the price by changing zeros to letter abbreviations (for example, RUB 1,320 instead of RUB 1,320,000).

Step 4

Now select font sizes for all words and phrases that correspond to the significance of the information.

Thus, for the rest of the information about the product (service), 1/3 of the entire ad area remains. In this space, place the information that the buyer is most interested in: new or used item, in what condition it is, its technical characteristics (size, material, color, etc.).

If you are selling an apartment, indicate the number of rooms, total area, area, type of house (brick or panel), floor, interior decoration features that can increase the cost of housing (parquet, plastic windows, jacuzzi, etc.).

Step 5

Place your contact information at the bottom on small vouchers. Duplicate the name of the ad there (so that a person, taking it out of his pocket at home, immediately remembers whose phone it is), your phone number and your name and patronymic. Don't make the loose-leaves too small, otherwise they will simply wrinkle and get lost in a potential customer's pocket or bag.

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