How The Eternal Fire Works

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How The Eternal Fire Works
How The Eternal Fire Works

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The device of the Eternal Flame at all memorials in the country is almost identical. But the one at the Kremlin wall has some differences. It is the responsibility of the municipal administrations to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the Eternal Flame.

Eternal flame in honor of the defenders of the Fatherland
Eternal flame in honor of the defenders of the Fatherland


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The eternal flame is a symbol of memory and veneration of the defenders of the Fatherland who fell in battles. At the walls of the Kremlin, it was first lit on May 9, 1967. If earlier the flame symbolizing an event had to be constantly maintained, with the commissioning of gas pipes this problem disappeared.

Step 2

At first glance, the mechanism for starting and supporting combustion is simple. It consists of two main components: a spark-cutting apparatus and a gas pipe, which is laid underground, but exits to its surface. The gas supply and the start of the spark cutter are carried out simultaneously. The flame is not extinguished by a complex of complex devices. Special equipment regulates the gas pressure, which does not allow the flame to go out. Other mechanisms constitute control and protection systems that ensure the safety of the gas burner.

Step 3

The device with which the Eternal Flame functions must be looked after. It is extremely important that the integrity of the gas pipe is not violated, therefore, it is carefully inspected at regular intervals. The spark-cutting mechanism must be monitored more often for carbon deposits as it needs to be cleaned regularly. Particular attention is paid to the cladding: it is cleaned daily from dust and dirt.

Step 4

The mechanism of the Eternal Flame at the Kremlin wall is slightly different from others. He is more reliable, as evidenced by his impeccable service since 1967. Despite the fact that over the long decades Moscow has been repeatedly attacked by strong storm winds, the Eternal Flame has withstood the test with flying colors and has never gone out.

Step 5

Initially, a gas burner of this design was mounted with three steel igniters, to which a high voltage electric current is supplied by means of a special coil. Thanks to this, the internal structure of the Eternal Flame resembles a lighter, ready to instantly give off a spark at any time of the day. Not so long ago, all steel ignitors were replaced with platinum ones, which made the mechanism even more reliable and durable.

Step 6

The operability of the memorials is ensured by the administration of the territory in which they are located. By the order of the head, an organization is appointed, the responsibility of which includes the maintenance of the Eternal Flame. Moreover, this task is considered honorable. For its implementation, funds from the budget of the municipality are allocated for cleaning the adjacent territory from debris, ensuring the operability of the memorial's street lighting system, for supplying gas and preventive work, for servicing all gas distribution devices. Since the lining of the Eternal Flame needs to be changed from time to time, these amounts are also deducted from the administration budget.

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