How To Behave In A Shipwreck

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How To Behave In A Shipwreck
How To Behave In A Shipwreck

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There are special rules of conduct in case of a shipwreck, if you follow them, the chance of avoiding injury will increase significantly. The causes of the disaster can be very diverse: the human factor, icebergs, storms, hurricanes and much more. You, as a passenger, need to be aware of the danger and be on your guard.

How to behave in a shipwreck
How to behave in a shipwreck


Step 1

Memorize in advance the path from your cabin to the lifeboats on the upper deck. It will be very difficult to navigate during a shipwreck. Keep calm. In most cases, the tragic outcome is caused precisely by panic. Do not make independent attempts to escape, all orders must be given by the captain.

Step 2

Take your documents, a supply of drinking water and food, money, medicines, clothes and blankets, a lighter or matches, if possible, find an emergency radio. First of all, children, women, the elderly and the wounded are loaded onto the liferaft. Put on plenty of clothing and a life jacket and try to stay dry. You need to jump, covering your nose and mouth with one hand, and holding on to the vest with the other.

Step 3

You must sail at least 100 meters from the sinking ship. All lifeboats must be kept close. Try to determine how far from the coast you are. Leaves and branches on the water testify to the proximity of land. Try to keep yourself busy with some work, you will not only help the crew members, but also distract from sad thoughts.

Step 4

Try to communicate with other ships. In cold weather, close all lifeboat inlets. To keep warm, all people should sit closer to each other, move your legs from time to time so that they do not become numb. Inspect the raft for leaks, plug them. Secure the equipment securely so that you do not lose it in the event of an overturning of the boat.

Step 5

For the first 24 hours after the shipwreck, only the wounded and sick can drink. Ventilate the boat whenever possible. In hot weather during the day, wet your clothes. Try to keep your feet dry. Avoid burns and frostbite if you are on watch. Do not waste rockets and smoke bombs, use them only at the moment of possible detection.

Step 6

Rainwater can only be drunk clean, without acid and salt precipitation. To retain fluid in your body, try to keep your movement less and protect yourself from the sun. Don't drink alcohol or seawater as this will only increase your thirst.

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