Who Is Archangel Chamuel

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Who Is Archangel Chamuel
Who Is Archangel Chamuel

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Not everyone knows that the army of angels, in which it is prescribed to believe in Orthodoxy and Islam, has its own internal hierarchy or division into higher and lower levels. The most "high-ranking" angels of the traditional hierarchy are called archangels, including the archangel Chamuel.

Modern stylization: the idea of ​​the archangel warrior
Modern stylization: the idea of ​​the archangel warrior

Archangel Chamuel, and in the Russian pronunciation Gabriel, is one of the strongest defenders of mankind, whose name literally means "the one who sees God."

It is believed that the archangel Chamuel teaches goodness and forgiveness, insists on replacing revenge with humility, and feelings of injustice with love for the Divine principle.

It is customary to refer to such superpowered angels creatures with powerful energy, performing the function of guards, expelling all those encroaching on the existing world and the order of life. It is believed that Chamuel is called to help a person find his own I, to build a solid foundation of earthly life, which is why they turn to the archangel with a request for such eternal and important matters as love, friendship, and career growth.

Angel with the face of a warrior

Ancient mythology presents Chamuel as an adherent of war and hostilities, according to the Holy Scripture, it was Chamuel who fought with Jacob and participated in the mixing of peoples in the notorious myth of the Tower of Babel, serving as a kind of lens to illuminate people with ruby ​​light, which came down from God for people to acquire different languages, to pacify them pride and elimination of the vices of society.

Name as a reflection

It is interesting that the name Chamuel itself can take on various forms, the archangel is called Hamuel, Kamael and even Seraphiel. The Archangel is considered the most fierce champion of the forces of love, and belongs to the seven strongest representatives of the divine army of higher beings.

Turning to it contributes to the development of spiritual and heartfelt qualities, the disclosure in a person of creative and other potentials related to the sphere of virtue.

It is believed that the archangel is the invisible protector of those who have suffered from the destruction of family or friendships, he gives worldly wisdom, teaches selflessly to forgive his offenders, is the patron saint of creativity and art, which is considered the main medicine for healing human souls and hearts.

According to the scriptures, turning to Chamuel gives a person peace and tranquility, allows him to realize the divine principle of everything that exists on earth and fills a person with faith in healing and a better future. Chamuel gives a person the opportunity to plunge into the beauty of this world anew, to feel joy, fun and love even when it seems that faith is exhausted and a return to normal life is no longer possible.

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