How To Catch The "Police Wave"

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How To Catch The "Police Wave"
How To Catch The "Police Wave"

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"Police Wave" is one of the most popular radio stations with an all-Russian broadcasting format. To listen to it like any other radio station, you first need to tune in its reception.

How to catch the "Police Wave"
How to catch the "Police Wave"


Step 1

"Police Wave" is a radio station with a slight "law enforcement" bias. Twice a day, the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and regional police divisions live on air to answer questions from listeners who have dialed through, news reports on incidents and crimes are broadcast every half hour. Every day, the radio station pleases listeners with an overview of the fresh press (the program is called "Fresh prints") and several copyright programs from the leading radio stations. The rest of the airtime is occupied by music - mostly retro hits (both Soviet and foreign), bard-style songs and restaurant chanson.

Step 2

You can listen to the radio station "Police Wave" on the Internet. Enter the address of the radio station's official website ( in the address bar and press Enter. You will see the main page of the Internet portal of the radio "Police Wave". You will see a button "Listen on-line" there. By clicking on it with the left mouse button, you will open a small window of the online player. The set of buttons is standard: "play", "stop" and a mixer to increase / decrease the volume. To stop listening, close the window by clicking on the red cross in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 3

To catch the "Police Wave" on the receiver, which is built into an ordinary digital music center, find in the settings the button responsible for saving a new radio station or for adding new frequencies of the audio stream to the general list of channels. Then enter the frequency of the "Police wave" - ​​107.8 FM (you can do this using the buttons with the arrow or the knob). Click "Save" and assign it a sequential number among the rest of the radio stations that you regularly listen to. In some regions, the FM frequency of the "Police Wave" may differ - you can always check the exact coordinates on the website.

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