Where To Call If Someone Is Missing

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Where To Call If Someone Is Missing
Where To Call If Someone Is Missing

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According to statistics, about 150-200 people disappear in Russia every day. If this happened to your friend or relative, you need not to panic and immediately perform several actions in order to find him as soon as possible.

Where to call if someone is missing
Where to call if someone is missing


Step 1

If your loved one does not make themselves felt for a long time, and his mobile phone is turned off or simply does not answer, contact those who may be near him or simply may be aware of where he is now. It is possible that your relative or friend was simply delayed somewhere or lost their phone.

Step 2

If you reasonably suspect that your friend or relative has disappeared, contact your city's Accident Registration Bureau. It is this bureau that receives all operational information from police departments, morgues, clinics, and sobering-up centers. In addition, it is here that all information about all road accidents and accidents that have occurred in the region over the past day is collected. Calmly explain the situation to the "Bureau" dispatcher, then he will be able to provide you with all possible assistance.

Step 3

Then contact an ambulance, it is quite possible that your friend or relative was hospitalized in the hospital and cannot make itself felt. Tell the dispatcher the last name, first name and patronymic of the lost person, and he can use the database to find out if your friend has entered one of the city's medical institutions.

Step 4

If none of your acquaintances knows anything about where your friend or relative has gone, and the bureau and the ambulance did not manage to find out anything, immediately contact the police. You can contact the Department of Internal Affairs, located at your place of residence, or with the Department of Internal Affairs of the area where, according to your assumptions, a loved one disappeared. Information about where the territorial police department is located can be clarified by calling "02".

Step 5

Having found out the location of the territorial OVD, you can go there and file a statement about the disappearance of a person. The officer on duty must accept your application without fail, but if you are asked to wait or even dissuade you from submitting a document, refer to Article 12 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Police". To file a loss report, you will need to provide your passport, one of the missing person's documents (copy of the passport, military ID, etc.), his last photo and medical card (if possible). In the application, be sure to indicate the special signs of the missing person: features of speech, gait, the presence of tattoos and scars, the presence of prostheses and pins. You also need to indicate what the missing person was wearing, and a list of things that were with him at the time of the disappearance. If your friend or relative has worn jewelry, you can provide photos of them. Also try to describe the social circle of the missing person and give the contacts of those who could have seen him the last time.

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