How To Behave When Attacked

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How To Behave When Attacked
How To Behave When Attacked

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When you live in a large settlement or come to a large city as a tourist or a guest, it is very important to know how to stay safe on its streets and how to behave in the event of an attack. People who are accustomed to believing that nothing bad will ever happen to them are sometimes taken by surprise and therefore are in greater danger than those who are ready for trouble and do their best to avoid them.

How to behave when attacked
How to behave when attacked


  • - permitted means of protection;
  • - a fake wallet.


Step 1

The best way to protect yourself from attack is to minimize the risk of encountering aggressive individuals. To do this, when choosing a route of movement, you should always give preference to well-lit, crowded streets. Avoid alleys, abandoned places, woodlands. A short walk through secluded spots may end up unexpectedly in a hospital bed - keep this in mind. Try not to walk in the evenings, and especially at night, alone. Move closer to the center of the sidewalk, not along the side of the road or in close proximity to bushes, trees, gateways and entrances. If you still have to walk close to the traffic lane, try to walk on the side facing the traffic, as it will be more difficult to force you into the vehicle.

Step 2

The habit of walking around the streets listening to your player loudly can let you down very much, as you will not be in control of the situation and you can be taken by surprise. Turn on a volume that will allow you not only to enjoy music, but also to hear what is happening around.

Step 3

If you need to go somewhere in the dark, or you have a walk in a dysfunctional area, try to do everything so as not to attract undue attention to yourself. Flashy jewelry, expensive watches, a chubby barstaque, a well-known mobile phone, a laptop in a bright and easily recognizable bag - all this can attract attention and make you a potential victim.

Step 4

If it seems to you that you have become the object of attention of "dark" personalities, do not slow down, call someone on your mobile and let them know where you are. Pretend that you are talking to someone, rush to the meeting, say something like "I'll see you in five minutes." Perhaps the thought that someone knows your location, is waiting for your arrival, moves towards you, will make the aggressors change their minds.

Step 5

If someone follows you down the street for a long time and makes you nervous, stop, turn around and make eye contact with that person so that they know you remember them. If he continues to approach you, extend your hand forward, say “Stop!”, Warn the person that his behavior is bothering you, and ask him to stop.

Step 6

Be polite when unpleasant personalities pester you with questions. Without slowing down, answer briefly and correctly, without aggression. If the questions continue, tell them that you do not know the answer and cannot help. If you are grabbed by your hands, by your clothes, etc., do not be afraid to draw attention to yourself - shout! Sometimes such a rebuff is enough for "predators" to retreat.

Step 7

It so happens that a neutral street conversation begins to "gain momentum", develops into a conflict. Do not get into arguments and do not react to provocations. Continue to speak in a calm, even tone, even if the other person pushes you in the chest and behaves insolently. Do not try to prove something to someone, apologize and slowly leave.

Step 8

If one or more people are trying to attack, and you have escape routes - use them, do not play the hero or heroine - run away, hide, call for help.

Step 9

If you are attacked for the purpose of robbery, give whatever the robbers demand. There is no such thing that cannot be replaced. It's easier to buy a new watch or earrings than a new bud.Do not keep all valuables together, if you often have to move around dangerous areas, make a fake wallet in which you can put old cards, change, fake money from comic sets. It is unlikely that the robber will have a lot of time to check the expiration dates of bank cards and probe the bills.

Step 10

Do not carry with you any means of defense that are prohibited by law and which could be used by a criminal. Weapons can defuse the situation only if you know how to handle them professionally, that is, belong to the security forces. Otherwise, it may either be directed against you, and you will seriously suffer or cause harm to others, for which you will have to be held accountable by law.

Step 11

Acceptable means of self-defense - gas and pepper cans, stun guns, carry with you only if you are sure that you know how to use them. Do not threaten the attackers, but immediately use them and after, while the enemy is disoriented, run and shout.

Step 12

If you do get into a fight, try to stand with your back against the wall. If you are a tall person, keep your opponent at a distance so that you can reach him, but he cannot reach you. If you are short, keep as close to the aggressor as possible to prevent him from swinging. Do not hesitate and do not behave "nobly" - kick, hit the enemy in vulnerable spots, if you are a girl - squeal, bite, scratch. Make as much noise as possible and run away as soon as possible.

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