How To Spend Points In "Megafon"

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How To Spend Points In "Megafon"
How To Spend Points In "Megafon"

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For quite a long time, Megafon has had a bonus system of customer rewards. The more you spend on communication services, the more bonus points you get.

How to spend points in
How to spend points in

Despite the fact that the bonus program of "Megafon" is more symbolic, it is perceived by customers with a bang. The essence of the bonus system is as follows: every time you replenish your mobile phone account, you get bonus points. They can be spent on free calls within the network, as well as on numbers of other mobile operators, SMS messages, free traffic (today this service has been removed from the list) and much more.

How to spend points in Megaphone

Before spending points on the services you need, you will need to check the bonus balance. You can find out this information in two ways: by sending a USSD request or using the autoinformer service. In the first case, you will need to dial the combination * 115 #, and then use the numbers to select the desired menu section. If you are not accustomed to using requests for short numbers, then at any time of the day you can dial 0510 and press the call button, having entered the voice menu of the "Megafon-Bonus" program.

It should be noted that the cost of one bonus point from Megafon is 30 rubles. Your bonus balance will be replenished automatically after each "deposit" of money into your mobile phone account. After collecting a certain number of points, you can activate this or that service. Basically, all types of rewards that you have activated remain valid for a month. If during this time you have not had time to use them completely, they burn out.

Depending on the type of reward, you will have to spend a certain number of bonus points. For example, for 10 SMS messages or 10 outgoing minutes for calls within the network, you will have to pay 25 bonus points. The cost of 10 Megabytes is 60 points, etc. You can find the full table of rewards, as well as their price in points, on the official website of Megafon.

From time to time, search the Internet for up-to-date information about changes in the Megafon bonus program, since some types of rewards eventually go into the service archive (for example, bonus traffic).

Other ways to use your bonus points

In addition to communication services, you can also exchange bonus points for various stylish accessories from Megafon. For example, you can get a stylish photo frame, Wi-Fi router, nice souvenirs with company logo, and much more at the nearest office. You can find out the exact cost of this or that "gift" on the Megafon website, by calling a toll-free number or at the company's office near your home.

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