What Is A Binary Clock

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What Is A Binary Clock
What Is A Binary Clock

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Binary watches are a fashion trend at the beginning of the 21st century. They are contrasted with elegant classic watches with dials and carry the spirit of the times. Using a binary clock can make your life a little more interesting.

What is a binary clock
What is a binary clock

History of origin

The idea of ​​using a binary system to represent time appeared with the advent of electronic computers. Individual copies of homemade binary clocks were often created by electronics lovers. However, binary wristwatches were rarely used due to the lack of factory production and their high weight.

In 2008, the British company Anelace released a binary wristwatch with an LED screen for the first time. This event found a stormy response among young people. Today, binary watches are produced not only by computer manufacturers, but also by jewelry factories.

How to choose

There are models of binary clocks with a different number of "dials". On some, you can replace the diode backlight. Binary clocks can be divided into two large categories: with a backlit group of diodes and a key lit indicator. In the first, you have to sum the powers of two, in the second - convert a binary number to decimal. The first method is preferable for people who want to attract attention, the second - for programmers and people who want to know the time as soon as possible. For ease of use, you can buy a binary clock with signed diodes (1, 2, 4, 8, etc.).

Where can I buy

There are many profitable binary watch buying apps in online stores. On specialized trading services, you can pick up exclusive models from different materials. The eBay shopping service is the busiest e-commerce platform in the world. On the eBay website, in the "Accessories" section, there are thousands of options for binary clocks. To pay for them, you will need PayPal electronic currency.

How to use

To use a binary clock in everyday life, you need to quickly translate binary numbers and add them to each other. Read the instructions for your watch, specify which row of diodes is responsible for the clock, which one - for a minute. If there is no instruction, try to determine it experimentally - the readings of the minute scale will change faster than the hour. The total time is made up of the hour and minute readings. Let's say the first and fifth diodes are on on the hour scale, and the third and fourth on the minute scale. This means that the hour scale displays 2 to the zero degree and 2 to the fourth, that is, 1 + 16 = 17 hours. Sum of minutes: 2 squared plus 2 cubed: 12 minutes. Thus, the binary clock shows 17:12.

Benefits of binary clocks

Binary clocks have a positive effect on mathematical abilities - after all, every time you need to know the time, you have to perform simple arithmetic operations. They also contribute to the development of programming skills - after all, the task of coding binary numbers is fully related to computer science.

They attract attention, and many people will admire your "arithmetic skills." In addition, the binary watch represents an eclectic design, carries a technological "style of the future". Wall (table) binary clocks can become a part of your interior.

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