Which Digital Piano Is Best For Home

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Which Digital Piano Is Best For Home
Which Digital Piano Is Best For Home

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Music lessons have a beneficial effect on the human psyche and cause positive emotions. Nowadays, electronic instruments are gaining more and more popularity, which have much more functionality than conventional ones, for example, a digital piano.

Which digital piano is best for home
Which digital piano is best for home

Features of the digital piano

Choose the right digital piano for you based on several important considerations: sound quality, keyboard quality, cabinet design, and the availability and number of additional features. Among the latter, one can highlight the ability to adjust the sound timbre, select auto accompaniment and various effects, adjust the capacity and sequencer, color and size of the display, the presence of additional commutation connectors, etc.

Focus primarily on how you feel while playing the digital piano. When you come to a music store, be sure to ask the seller to let you touch the instrument, walk on its keys, and listen to how it sounds. Do not trust too much the reviews about certain models, since each person's perception is different, and even a heavily criticized model may well suit your taste.

Digital Piano Price Categories

The next factor in choosing a digital piano is price. The entire lineup can be divided into three categories: up to 20 thousand rubles, from 20 to 40 thousand rubles and over 40 thousand. On a very tight budget, focus on the models from the first category. It is worth noting that most often they sound quite decent, but they have low functionality and are not very convenient in terms of ergonomics. For example, the French company Arturia offers such an inexpensive and interesting solution as “hybrid synthesizers”.

Hybrid synthesizers consist of a midi keyboard (25, 32 or 61 keys) and software with a simple interface and a set of sounds (1000 or 3500) of well-known synthesizer models. Sound presets are configured directly from the keyboard, and the software can work independently or complement any sequencers on the computer (Cubase, Logic, etc.).

If you can afford a piano from the category up to 40 thousand rubles, you need a special keyboard mezanic and decent sound, pay attention to devices from Fatar Studiologic, additionally purchasing special software (from Arturia, Ivory or Synthogy).

Almost all digital pianos in the category from 40 thousand rubles are distinguished by a decent ratio of keyboard quality and sound. Such devices are suitable for training in musical institutions and creating your own musical compositions. The leader in this segment is the manufacturer Fatar. These instruments are widely used by professional musicians around the world.

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