How To Roll Up The Headphones

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How To Roll Up The Headphones
How To Roll Up The Headphones

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All mp3 player users have to deal with the problem of tangled headphones. Even if the process of unraveling them is not too long, it annoys many. Therefore, it is worth learning how to wind up the headphones so that you can use them immediately, without unnecessary body movements.

How to roll up the headphones
How to roll up the headphones


Step 1

It is necessary to rewind headphones correctly, first of all, in order to increase their service life. Headphone breakage is primarily due to cable breaks inside the rubber winding. This means that they have no external manifestations of breakage, but there will be no sound anyway, or there will be, but only one of the earbuds. Currently, the most expensive headphone models have additional fabric wrapping over the inner rubber. This allows the voltage of the wire to be reduced.

Step 2

Recently, many headphones have a built-in retraction system, which is similar to the one used in fishing spinning rods when reeling in line. Koss and Gembird were the first to produce such headphones. If you are holding ordinary economy-class headphones, then you should learn how to wind up the headphones yourself correctly and quickly.

Step 3

It is necessary to hold the in-ear headphones in your hand so that the mini-jack (the connector that plugs into the player) is in the palm of your hand. Now you need to start wrapping the wire around your palm, namely around four fingers, starting with your index finger and ending with your little finger.

Step 4

As soon as only half the length of the wire remains free, you need to remove the already wound loops from the fingers and rewind them around the remaining length of the wire.

Step 5

At the end of this procedure, a pair of earbuds is inserted into either of the loops. Now, to unwind the headphones, you just need to remove the earbuds from the loop.

Step 6

This method is far from the only one. If you have a player at hand, you can remove the mini-jack from it, and then wrap the wire around the player and put it in a bag or table, depending on the situation.

Step 7

For any headphones, frost and moisture are the worst enemies. Under no circumstances should the headphones be used in rain or snow. It is known from the school physics course that the colder the environment, the smaller the distance between the molecules of matter. Frost increases the internal tension on the wire, which significantly shortens the life of the audio headset.

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