How Many Times Can The Cartridge Be Refilled

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How Many Times Can The Cartridge Be Refilled
How Many Times Can The Cartridge Be Refilled

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Cartridge of any printer - as a rule, the device is disposable and cannot be refilled. Nevertheless, they are diligently refilled over and over again until the cartridge finally fails.

How many times can the cartridge be refilled
How many times can the cartridge be refilled

Is it possible or not

As you know, there are laser and inkjet printers. There are also matrix ones, but due to the lack of a cartridge in their device as such, it makes no sense to consider them.

Laser printers use a special toner as a working medium. As it depletes, the printer produces a less and less saturated image, and finally the picture becomes completely illegible. In this case, you need to replace the cartridge. But there are special service departments that do not just replace the cartridge, but also replace the toner.

Only he himself knows how long the cartridge will live after this procedure, especially since refueling the cartridge itself is simply impossible on the latest samples of laser printers, since it is a non-separable structure.

As for inkjet printers, refueling of cartridges is simply not provided there, with the exception of CISS, where ink is supplied to the cartridge from a regular container, where it is refilled as it is consumed.

However, the lack of options such as refueling and maintenance of an inkjet cartridge does not stop the craftsmen. An ordinary syringe is taken, the ink of the desired color is and the cartridge is pumped to the eyeballs through the hole in the plug.

He lives after this procedure in different ways. The main thing is that the ink matches the type of device, and the refilled cartridge does not lie dry for more than a day. According to various sources, this way you can reanimate the cartridge up to five times without noticeable loss of print quality. This does not apply to so-called photo printers, which already have increased requirements for ink.

How long will it stand

It is usually believed that a cartridge for a laser printer can withstand from five to fifteen refills, but it should be borne in mind that some resource parts, for example, a squeegee, will have to be changed periodically.

But there is one more limitation. Refueling in conjunction with replacement of parts is called refurbishment. The frequency of restoration depends primarily on the capacity of the cartridge: if the cartridge is of high capacity, then restoration should be carried out with each refueling, with a normal capacity - once every 3-5 refills.

There are also certain limitations for inkjet printer cartridges. They can withstand five to six fillings. But it is undesirable to refill Epson cartridges. They have an ink counter, which must be reset at every refueling. Zeroing causes the printer to no longer consider the status of the cartridge.

On the other hand, it is for Epson printers that CISS are designed and delivered, where the presence of ink is determined visually.

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