How To Choose A Typography

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How To Choose A Typography
How To Choose A Typography

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The print services market today is characterized by a wide variety of offers. Since there are so many printing houses, choosing one of them is not easy. Detailed market analysis and clear goal setting will help you make the right decision.

How to choose a typography
How to choose a typography


  • - telephone;
  • - the Internet.


Step 1

Think about the main parameters of the product that you would like to get as a result. Today, many printing houses have a rather narrow specialization, which directly affects the quality of work. For both you and the performer, it is advisable to have the most accurate picture of the desired work. Understand print formats, types of paper, consider all kinds of options.

Step 2

Take any electronic directory and select from it the contact details of the printers who can provide you with the service you need. Request price lists and compare prices. However, in this case, do not seek to choose the printing house with the lowest cost, since the quality of the final work may disappoint you.

Step 3

Check out the portfolio of completed works, as well as customer reviews on the website of the selected companies. If you have the opportunity, try to find ready-made products on the free market. This way you can get an objective idea of ​​the level of the typography, not related to its advertising moves.

Step 4

Draw up terms of reference for the printing house. Include in it all the basic requirements and wishes regarding your order. Try not to miss a single detail, since not all of your wishes are obvious to the customer. Keep in mind that even a small detail (for example, adding one color) can significantly affect the final cost of the order.

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