How To Clean Optics

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How To Clean Optics
How To Clean Optics

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Even if you just recently bought a camera, then most likely you have already encountered the problem of lens contamination. For example, sea spray, pollen or other spots that cannot be identified have appeared on the surface. Therefore, it is extremely important to know how and with what you can properly clean the optics. Using the following tips, you can easily clean the lens of any dirt.

How to clean optics
How to clean optics


Step 1

You can find a wide variety of optical cleaning devices on the market. However, not all of them will really help your stain control. It is best to use the following products, which are trusted by professionals around the world.

Step 2

A blower is the best way to blow dust out of a lens. The most popular are the Q-ball and Rocket-Air models produced by Giottos. Such devices have a special valve that prevents new dust particles from entering during the lens cleaning process. It is highly discouraged to use conventional medical enemas, as they usually contain talc, which is very difficult to get rid of.

Step 3

There should be several types of brushes in your lens cleaning kit. Remember that under no circumstances should you use the same brush to wipe the outer surfaces of the camera and lenses. Kinetronics' StaticWisk antistatic brushes are best suited for this purpose. Do not forget to periodically wash such products, taking into account all the recommendations from the manufacturer.

Step 4

It is also recommended to have at least several microfiber cloths: one for cleaning the optics, one for the outer surfaces, and one for wiping the mount. The last two are not too expensive, as they get dirty very quickly and it is much easier to buy a new one than to wash the old one well. And B + W wipes are most suitable for cleaning the lens. They are reusable and will need to be washed periodically (please pay attention to the recommendations).

Step 5

Lint-free wipes are designed for cleaning optics using special liquids. The best product is PEC * PAD by Photographic Solutions, which can be found in any specialty store.

Step 6

You should only buy cleaning fluid from trusted manufacturers. For example, Lens Clens solutions # 1 - for glass surfaces and # 4 - for plastic.

Step 7

LensPen is a device with which you can quickly get rid of any prints. For effective cleaning, you must completely follow the instructions found on the packaging. It is also advisable to monitor its condition in order to replace it in a timely manner.

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