How To Repair A Baby Stroller

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How To Repair A Baby Stroller
How To Repair A Baby Stroller

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The little owner does not need a baby carriage for a long time - only until that time, until he learns to walk for a long time and confidently. In many children's stores selling strollers, there is a service center where, for a small fee (or free of charge, if the stroller is under warranty), they will fix any malfunction. However, you can try to fix a minor breakdown of the stroller yourself.

How to repair a baby stroller
How to repair a baby stroller


  • - glue;
  • - Bicycle Pump;
  • - rubber;
  • - welding machine;
  • - grinder (angle grinder);
  • - pipe bender;
  • - pipes;
  • - fiberglass;
  • - epoxy adhesive;
  • - engine oil;
  • - a new part.


Step 1

The most common problem is flattened or punctured stroller wheels. Remove the damaged wheel by pressing the lever in the center. Use a bicycle pump to pump the wheel by screwing in the tip (the hole is located on the inside of the rim).

Step 2

Glue the punctured wheels. To do this, remove the tire from the wheel, then take out the camera. Inspect it for punctures by inflating and smearing it with soapy foam - mark the place where the bubbles will be inflated with a marker.

Step 3

Cut a round patch out of a piece of rubber (such as an old tire). Wash and degrease surfaces thoroughly, spread with glue and leave for 30 minutes. Then warm them up and attach the patch to the tire, press firmly. After a day, assemble the wheel and test it.

Step 4

If you were unable to either inflate the wheels or seal them, take them and take them to the tire shop. For a small fee, all the work will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Step 5

Try to adequately assess the damage and your ability to repair. Damage in the "joint" of an adjustable handle or other automatic unit can only be repaired by a specialist, so order the part from a specialized repair center and replace it.

Step 6

If a metal part of the stroller breaks, try to weld it. Bent metal parts are easier to make yourself. Pick up a pipe of a suitable diameter, cut a piece of the required size with a grinder, bend it with a pipe bender. Pay attention to the symmetry of the parts on the finished stroller.

Step 7

Try to make a plastic part like this: remove the whole part from the stroller (symmetrical, on the other side). In addition, you can use a foam part cut from a broken sample as a model.

Step 8

Coat the surface of the model with engine oil, lay a layer of fiberglass. Spread on with epoxy glue, re-lay the fiberglass. So make a few layers. After complete drying, remove the part from the model and paint, preferably with a paint sprayer.

Step 9

If the part has been riveted to the stroller, it is best to use a riveter (available from any hardware store) to secure it. Alternatively, drill through the part and secure it with decorative cap bolts.

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