How The Trains Go

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How The Trains Go
How The Trains Go

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Currently, the train is a convenient and popular means of transportation over long distances. In today's fast paced life, it is important to quickly find out the train timetable.

How the trains go
How the trains go


Step 1

Train timetables are usually always posted at city railway stations. Therefore, if you need to purchase a ticket to a particular destination, you just need to visit the station and go to the box office. The staff of the institution will inform you how and where the trains go, where you can personally view the timetable, and what tickets are available on sale. You will need a passport to purchase.

Step 2

Information on how the trains run can be found by calling the number of the information and service center of the railway station you need. You can find out the numbers by contacting the city information service by dialing 09 from a landline or 090 from a mobile phone. Also, the necessary data is usually contained in reference books available for sale.

Step 3

Find out how the trains go via the Internet. Large railway stations most often have their own website on the Internet, which can be found through search engines for the corresponding key query. Here you will also find the telephones of the city railway stations and the location of the establishments and ticket offices you need. You can also immediately visit the official website of Russian Railways, which contains information about the movement of trains on the main Russian routes, as well as links to regional resources with train timetables. There are other convenient sites that allow you to find out in a couple of clicks how trains go from one destination to another, and what the cost of tickets is, for example, "Tu-tu Ru", "On Vacation Ru" and others.

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