How To Get Home At Night Without Risk

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How To Get Home At Night Without Risk
How To Get Home At Night Without Risk

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Few people want to get caught up in the night street "adventures". To avoid trouble at a later time, observe personal safety rules and not provoke possible criminals.

Night gateways are fraught with danger
Night gateways are fraught with danger

What to do if you suddenly find yourself on the street at night

If you can't avoid night travel, you need to be dressed comfortably, be able to run. For this, all expensive and fashionable clothes and shoes must be left at home. Jewelry, expensive watches, money to put in pockets or other secret places in clothes so as not to attract attention. If the transport no longer runs and you have to walk to the house, it is better to join a group of people walking in the same direction with you. It is better to avoid potentially dangerous hot spots, these are train stations, parks, markets, as well as “patches” chosen by youth companies.

Under no circumstances should you try to take a shortcut through dark courtyards, parks, wastelands and construction sites. The best and shortest way at night is that which is safe. If the city is unfamiliar, the routes in it must be determined on the city map in advance. If it is possible to lay a route past guarded objects, traffic police posts, police stations, then you should follow. You need to be confident, as the offender is more attracted to fearful people. If you notice a company that poses a potential danger, it is better to cross the street.

What not to do on the street at night

Military uniforms look defiant at night on a lonely passer-by, and jewelry in the light of lanterns attracts robbers. If you drank alcohol, it is better not to go outside, you can become a victim of aggressive company or robbers. If you are a woman, do not get into a car with other men in addition to the driver. Listening to loud music through headphones distracts from sounds that can signal danger. It can be noise in the bushes nearby, or hurrying steps from behind, and the sound of a car braking nearby.

To get to the house at night safe and not robbed, you do not need to plunge into deep thoughts about problems, this distracts from the analysis of the environment. It is better to keep your distance from gateways, entrances and arches. There is no need to hide the approximate return time from loved ones, they can go out and meet. If you have to make purchases on the way, you should not keep the entire wallet in sight, it is enough to set aside a small amount separately so that it is at hand.

It is better not to have a large number of bags and packages in your hands. Car keys or house keys should be put in your pocket or kept in some other way, but nearby so that you don't have to look for a long time. Drinking alcohol with unfamiliar people staggering at night should also not be, just as it is not necessary to go to visit them. If you have to go home by train, it is better to bypass empty cars. Observing simple rules, you will get home safe and sound.

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