How To Return A Defective Item

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How To Return A Defective Item
How To Return A Defective Item

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Not a single person is insured against the purchase of a defective product. According to the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", the buyer has the right to return low-quality products that do not meet the requirements of the documentation. Accordingly, the seller must replace the product, if this is not possible, refund the purchase price. To get quality products or get a refund, you need to make a claim.

How to return a defective item
How to return a defective item


  • - defective goods;
  • - documents for the goods;
  • - warranty card;
  • - receipt for payment for goods, expertise;
  • - claim form;
  • - federal legislation;
  • - Law on Consumer Protection";
  • - the form of the statement of claim.


Step 1

According to the acts of the Government of the Russian Federation, some goods cannot be returned even if a defect is found. Such products include personal care products, printed products, bedding and other goods. Please note that when purchasing a non-food product, you are obliged to use the product in accordance with the operating rules. If they are violated, the goods will not be accepted back. Indeed, for many products, including technically complex ones, an examination is assigned, according to the results of which it is possible to find out when the defect was received: during operation or during the production process.

Step 2

To return an item, write a claim. Indicate in it the date of purchase, the name of the product in accordance with the documentation. Write down when the defect was found and what it is. Indicate what you would like to receive as a result of the review of your claim. According to the law, the seller is obliged to replace the goods with a similar one or return the amount of money paid for the purchase. Sign the claim, attach a warranty card, a receipt (commodity, cash), documents for the goods, a coupon for an additional guarantee (if you purchased one when purchasing a product).

Step 3

Return the claim, merchandise and documentation to the seller. Ask for an acceptance mark on your copy. If you refuse to accept the claim, send it by mail with a return receipt requested to the legal address of the store, enterprise.

Step 4

After receiving the claim, the seller is obliged to schedule an examination, which takes about 45 days. It is recommended to be present during the check. If the seller refuses to conduct an examination, do it yourself, involve independent specialists. Then, with the results of the examination, a check for its payment, come to the store. The seller is obliged to reimburse the costs of the inspection.

Step 5

When the seller does not want to resolve the dispute amicably, go to court. Draw up a statement of claim, attach to it the product itself, receipts for purchase, checks, warranty card and other documents that were issued to you during the purchase of defective products. After the trial, the seller will be obliged to pay you all costs, including forfeit.

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