How To Send Cargo By Train

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How To Send Cargo By Train
How To Send Cargo By Train
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In the life of every person, there are situations when it is necessary to transport bulky cargo to another city. It is forbidden to take cargo of this type into a passenger carriage, therefore the only way out of the situation is the luggage carriage. Here are some guidelines to help you check in your baggage without too much hassle.

How to send cargo by train
How to send cargo by train


Step 1

First, consider the weight of your luggage. For carriage on one travel document (ticket), cargo is accepted no more than 200 kg in weight. If there is a need to transport heavier cargo, you must order a container for transportation.

Step 2

Second, consider the type of baggage. Things and objects, the weight of one piece of which is less than 10kg or more than 75kg, are not allowed for transportation. For example, one ticket can carry only one refrigerator or one gas stove.

Step 3

Small pets can also be transported in the baggage car without being overloaded on the way, however, they will need a veterinary health certificate. Please note that feeding animals on the way is not the responsibility of the railway employees.

Step 4

Food products in the luggage compartment are transported under the responsibility of the sender, since, of course, there are no conditions for storing perishable goods in the luggage cars.

Step 5

Third, take care of the packaging in advance. Each piece of baggage must have packaging that will ensure the safety of the cargo, and devices that will allow you to carry the cargo during loading and unloading.

After completing the above points, proceed with baggage registration.

Step 6

There are two ways to hand over the cargo:

Directly to the baggage car, where the baggage receipt will be issued upon presentation of the travel document.

Step 7

To the luggage compartment, also with a travel document, according to which the luggage receipt will be issued. You can check in your luggage in advance, however, in this case you will have to pay a certain amount for storage.

Baggage claim is carried out at the final station of the passenger's route, who sent the baggage. To receive the cargo, present your baggage receipt, identity document and travel ticket (this is a prerequisite). Please note that free baggage is stored at the destination station for only 24 hours.

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