Where To Go With A Writ Of Execution

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Where To Go With A Writ Of Execution
Where To Go With A Writ Of Execution

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Debt and collection issues are often resolved in court. When the court, having rendered its decision, issues a writ of execution, the claimant must deliver it to its destination. First of all, a copy of it must be taken to the defendant, and what to do next is a more complicated question.

Where to go with a writ of execution
Where to go with a writ of execution


Step 1

With a writ of execution, or rather with a copy of it, first of all, you should go to the person in respect of whom the court issued a decision, that is, to the defendant in this case.

Step 2

If it was not possible to agree peacefully with the defendant, and he refused to pay the penalty required by the writ of execution, you need to contact the bailiff service. The bailiffs have the opportunity (of course, within the framework of the law) to collect funds from the debtor both in cash (deductions from wages) and in property (equipment, apartment, furniture, etc.).

Step 3

It is highly discouraged to contact collection agencies and other similar agencies, as well as near-criminal structures, since there all issues are not always resolved according to the law. As a result, all responsibility will fall on the one who applied to this or that structure with a writ of execution, that is, on the claimant. As a rule, it falls under the articles of the Criminal Code.

Step 4

In the event that you failed to collect from the defendant in the case within the time period specified in the document, you have every right to apply to the court with an application to renew the claim.

Step 5

The case on the recovery of the executive person can be closed after the expiration of time only if the claimant did not apply to renew the claim to the court on time.

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