How To Behave In An Accident In

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How To Behave In An Accident In
How To Behave In An Accident In

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Even with many years of driving experience, motorists end up in traffic accidents. From this, the driver receives not only severe stress, damage to property and injuries, he can easily become a victim of the insurance company or fraudulent actions by the traffic police. Therefore, you need to know how to properly behave in an accident.

How to behave in an accident
How to behave in an accident


  • - emergency sign;
  • - first aid kit;
  • - the documents;
  • - telephone.


Step 1

Since the outcome of the proceedings in this case will depend on your actions, try to pull yourself together, do not be nervous, calm down. Never use drugs that calm the nerves, especially those containing alcohol - this can turn against you, as you will have to take an alcohol test.

Step 2

The first thing a car owner should do in case of an accident is to stop the vehicle and in no case get under way. Remember that leaving the scene of an accident, of which you are a participant, is punishable by deprivation of rights for a year and a half or arrest for fifteen days with the withdrawal of a driver's license. After stopping the car, immediately turn on the hazard lights and display the warning triangle.

Step 3

Never remove or move objects that have anything to do with the accident (body fragments, broken glass, lumps of snow or dirt, traces of braking or engine oil). Try to leave all the evidence in its original form - all this will help police officers recreate the whole picture of the traffic accident and identify the culprit.

Step 4

If there are casualties as a result of the accident, provide first aid and, if necessary, call an ambulance. In no case, do not touch a seriously injured person before the arrival of doctors, as you can only harm (if there is a fracture of the spine).

Step 5

Call the traffic police, keep calm and do not make a complaint to the second participant in the accident, even if it is his fault. Do not succumb to the culprit's persuasion to agree on the spot, this is the way dummies play to get money. Do not enter into conversations before the arrival of the police. During this time, enlist the help of eyewitnesses of the accident, take a photo on your phone of all the damage that the car received. Perhaps this will help you in the event that another car owner intends to change something in the picture of the accident.

Step 6

The arrived traffic police officers must inspect the damaged vehicles and the accident site. In the protocol and scheme of the accident, all the details and details of the incident must be recorded. Make sure the police officer has all of this on paper. In this case, we are talking about the length of the braking distance, the location of vehicles, weather conditions, the technical condition of the vehicles and the condition of the road.

Step 7

On the basis of the accident and the protocol of the inspection of the accident site by the traffic police officer, a protocol on an administrative offense is drawn up, under which the accident witnesses and the inspector, as well as the guilty driver, sign the signatures. A copy of the protocol is issued to the perpetrator of the accident against receipt, and can also be given to the victim at his request. Within three days, you should contact your insurance company with a protocol.

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