How To Behave With An Inspector

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How To Behave With An Inspector
How To Behave With An Inspector

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An inspector is an official who monitors compliance with certain rules and regulations stipulated by law. You may encounter it on the road, in government offices or at work. In some cases, an inspector may visit your home. What is the right way to communicate with him in order to avoid negative consequences?

How to behave with an inspector
How to behave with an inspector


Politeness, formality, legal knowledge


Step 1

Do not ignore the requirements of the inspector, go to direct contact with him, otherwise you may be suspected of criminal acts. For example, if a traffic police inspector stops you on the road, do not try to drive past, pretending that you did not notice him. They will catch up with you anyway, but do not expect a friendly attitude towards you.

Step 2

The inspector loves the formal tone. Therefore, first find out his position, last name, first name, patronymic, look at his official ID. Your address to him should be respectful and polite, for example, you can safely call him by his first name and patronymic, or, which is more reasonable, say: "Comrade (sir) inspector". Avoid being familiar with your communication.

Step 3

When talking with an official, do not fuss or be nervous, do not be afraid of him, otherwise the inspector will suspect that something is wrong. Your voice should sound loud and confident. If you are asked to show any documents, provide them as soon as possible. It is only important that the inspector does not exceed his official powers. To do this, you must be a legally savvy person, familiar with all the requirements spelled out in the current legislation.

Step 4

If you identify any problems, try to negotiate peacefully with the inspector, coming to a compromise that will satisfy both parties. Any civil servant is a living person who can come into your position. For example, if you do not have the required documents with you, promise to show them to the authorized person later.

Step 5

If the inspector has identified an offense, do not interfere with him to draw up a report. When the document is completed, you can agree with its content by signing, or disagree by refusing to sign. In the latter case, you will have to participate in a legal battle, which will determine who is right and who is wrong.

Step 6

In any case, strive to disperse with the inspector on a peaceful note. Do not in any way insult him or cause bodily harm, even if your opinions on any issue differ significantly.

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