How Does A Breathalyzer Work For Traffic Cops

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How Does A Breathalyzer Work For Traffic Cops
How Does A Breathalyzer Work For Traffic Cops

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There is, perhaps, not a single motorist who was not familiar with a device called a breathalyzer. It refers to measuring equipment, the main purpose of which is to measure the level of alcohol in the air exhaled by the examined person.

How does a breathalyzer work for traffic cops
How does a breathalyzer work for traffic cops

For the first time, devices like breathalyzers appeared in large quantities in the United States of America. In the thirties of the last century, he could only confirm the very fact of the presence in the body of the tested alcohol, despite this, the local police took the new device into service. A closer to the modern type of breathalyzers began to appear only in the fifties; in Germany, the serial production of tubes began, which did not differ in any way from today's samples. They were used in various enterprises where employees had to be tested for sobriety.

Simplicity of operation, but not simplicity of the device

Today's breathalyzers give minimal error in determining the level of alcohol in the human body. The device has a single principle of operation, regardless of the type of device. A person blows into a special tube, after which the level of alcohol present in the body is displayed on the screen. It is extremely important for specialists to choose the device that is suitable in a given situation. Special sensors make it possible to analyze air vapors: they are of an electrochemical or semiconductor nature.

It is more correct to call breathalyzers breathalyzers, they are not only special, but also individual, indicator and professional.

When using electrochemical sensors, the air exhaled by a person is mixed with special reagents and turns into vapor, which is converted into a signal that is transmitted to the monitor. Such a device is used by traffic police officers to "catch" drunk drivers.

Semiconductor-type sensors heat up and convert small molecule compounds into signals. In this case, it is very important to heat the device strongly and quickly to obtain accurate data. That is why it is not used in cold weather and reluctantly - on the street. In addition, there are special physiological compounds in the human body that can negatively affect the quality of the breathalyzer indicators.

Semiconductor breathalyzers usually have an indicator arrow, and electrochemical ones have a liquid crystal display with digital readings.

Allowable error

The error of breathalyzers is strictly regulated, each device receives a certificate of conformity, and also undergoes regular verification, which indicates that the level of measurement accuracy meets the accepted standards. It is the certification and accuracy of devices that often become a stumbling block in the dispute between traffic police officers and drivers who dispute the fact of intoxication or the level of alcohol per thousand in blood.

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