Daily Lenses: Pros And Cons

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Daily Lenses: Pros And Cons
Daily Lenses: Pros And Cons

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Poor vision is a disadvantage that can be easily solved with the help of modern means. It is worth putting glasses on the bridge of the nose or lenses on the eyes, and the person already sees perfectly. There are several types of lenses, including different wear times, with a minimum of one day.

Daily lenses: pros and cons
Daily lenses: pros and cons


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There are several companies that make daily lenses. Manufacturers consider their advantages to be great softness, which allows you not to feel the lenses on your eyes. Daily lenses are thinner than quarterly, semi-annual and so on, since they are used only once, they are unusable in a day. Reusable lenses need to be thicker so you can take them off every day without getting damaged.

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Daily contact lenses let in more air, that is, they allow the eyes to "breathe", and also contain more moisture. This aspect is important for those whose eyes are very dry or reddened when using lenses, which are less noticeable on the eyes. Manufacturers say that daily lenses can be worn all day long, which is undesirable if you are using reusable lenses.

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of using daily lenses is that they do not need to be looked after. You can put them on for a holiday, spend one day, evening in them, and then return to glasses and not experience discomfort while using the lenses. The rest of the lenses will be stored in their packaging, in which they can spend six months or a year, depending on the expiration date.

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On the other hand, daily lenses have several disadvantages. Daily lenses are much easier to damage. They really contain more moisture and they themselves are thinner, but because of this, it can sometimes be difficult to put them on, they twist, twist and stick together on the finger.

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The second disadvantage of daily lenses is their cost. One pair of daily lenses costs about 60-100 rubles on average. The standard packaging of these lenses includes 30 pieces, that is, 15 pairs. One package is enough for 15 days. The cost of one pack ranges from 700 to 2000 rubles. Considering that lenses that you can wear for one month cost on average from 300 to 800 rubles per pair, then the price of disposable lenses is really high. However, lenses that can be worn repeatedly have to be taken care of, a special solution, moisturizing drops, and tablets for cleansing are bought for them.

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