What Is A Cork Expansion Joint

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What Is A Cork Expansion Joint
What Is A Cork Expansion Joint

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It is not recommended to join the parquet tightly to other substrates, such as marble or floor tiles. Wood is a "living" material that undergoes some deformation during the year, contracts and expands. To get rid of this undesirable effect, a so-called cork expansion joint is used.

What is a cork expansion joint
What is a cork expansion joint

What is a cork expansion joint for?

If parquet elements are glued directly to the floor tiles, undesirable phenomena will inevitably occur. Experiencing internal stresses, the wood can swell, the parquet floor begins to creak. In the worst case, cracks can form on the surface of the parquet.

The cork expansion joint helps to prevent deformation of the coating when joining parquet with other materials. This decorative element is usually installed directly into the parquet floor. The expansion joint acts as an adapter between dissimilar floor coverings.

A correctly laid expansion joint effectively smooths out deformations of the parquet when it is paired with other rigid floor elements.

In appearance, the cork expansion joint resembles long and narrow pressed cork strips. Sometimes the raw material is supplied in the form of sheets from which you can easily cut into strips of the desired size using a ruler and a sharp knife. The latter option is more preferable if it becomes necessary to join the floor covering of different texture and thickness.

Benefits of a cork expansion joint

Why is cork preferable as the material for the expansion joint? The fact is that silicone or rubber elements are not recommended for these purposes, since they tend to harden over time. The parquet flooring will shrink and expand throughout its life, so it is desirable that the expansion joint be able to recover its shape repeatedly. Otherwise, this element would have to be changed annually.

The expansion joint, which actually acts as an intermediary between parquet and other stable flooring, must have good elasticity and resilience. When the parquet board is compressed, the cork expansion joint is able to quickly regain its original shape.

The choice of cork as the material from which this element of the technical finish of the coating is made is determined by its suitable natural properties.

The advantages of a cork expansion joint can also be attributed to the natural character of this material and its high environmental characteristics. The cork can be easily tinted, giving the compensator the desired shade, in harmony with the color of the floor covering. This finishing element will give the floor an attractive look, while ensuring the exact fit and joining of dissimilar materials.

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