How To Increase The Power Of The Internal Combustion Engine

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How To Increase The Power Of The Internal Combustion Engine
How To Increase The Power Of The Internal Combustion Engine
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There are many techniques for increasing the power output of an internal combustion engine. Even in a completely ordinary auto repair shop, you can make simple modifications to the engine, which will add to it the missing horsepower.


All mainstream car manufacturers make compromises. They are pushed into this framework by motorists, although they themselves do not suspect it. This situation can be easily explained: they are forced to produce competitive, cheap, reliable and economical cars that they will buy over and over again.

Why increase engine power?

Each car owner has his own motive for increasing the engine power output, starting with the banal desire to stand out from the crowd with a more aggressive engine sound and dynamic acceleration, ending with an increase in engine thrust and improvement of its practical qualities. There are several ways to increase the engine power of a production car:

  • chip tuning;
  • increase in working volume;
  • an increase in the compression ratio of the fuel;
  • weight loss;
  • replacement of cylinder heads and camshafts;
  • modernization of the intake system.
  • modernization of the exhaust system;

A brief overview of methods for increasing the power of the internal combustion engine

In addition to the fact that chip tuning is one of the most effective, it is also one of the simplest from the point of view of direct technical way of interfering with the engine. The essence of the method comes down to installing a new program in the engine control unit.

With the displacement, everything is simple: the more fuel the engine is able to burn in one crankshaft revolution, the more power it generates. The working volume of the internal combustion engine is increased by cylinder boring.

By increasing the compression ratio to a certain level, you can potentially develop more power with constant fuel consumption. That's why all high-performance race cars run on high-octane gasoline - their engines compress the fuel mixture to the maximum and get the most out of it.

By replacing the heavy pistons of the engine with lighter ones, it is possible to reduce the waste of energy for changing the direction of movement of the pistons and for stopping them. The lighter the piston, the less energy is wasted.

Many factory engines have one intake valve and one exhaust valve per cylinder. By installing a cylinder head with an increased number of valves on the cylinders, you can significantly increase the flow of air into the combustion chambers and increase power.

The more air you drive into the cylinder, the more power it will give out per revolution of the crankshaft. For this, the engines are equipped with special turbines and compressors that pump air into the cylinders under pressure.

If the exhaust gases do not escape well from the combustion chambers and the exhaust system as a whole, they steal engine power. The smaller the section of the exhaust pipes, the stronger the back pressure and the lower the power of the internal combustion engine.

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