How To Register A Boat Without Documents

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How To Register A Boat Without Documents
How To Register A Boat Without Documents

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The question of registering a boat without documents for it is quite relevant. And now there are many boats, produced during the Soviet era, for which there is no corresponding documentation.

How to register a boat without documents
How to register a boat without documents


Step 1

Write a statement to the State Inspection Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in which, referring to the current rules for the state registration of small vessels, make a request to register it. The statement states that the documents establishing the owner's right to the given vessel have been lost.

Step 2

Receive a written refusal from the Ministry of Emergency Situations (due to the lack of title documents, this organization cannot register the ship, but their refusal is needed for the court), after which, with legal assistance, write a statement of claim and take it to the court, on the territory of which the refusal registration of the boat GIMS.

Step 3

In the application, ask for recognition of ownership of a particular vessel, as well as register this boat. The statement of claim, as a rule, contains detailed information about how the boat was purchased, where it was stored and from what time, also about the materials from which the boat is made and its technical characteristics. The statement also informs about the appeal to the State Inspection Service, their refusal and the absence of any documents for the ship. If there are witnesses to his purchase and sale, this is an additional plus. When applying, you need to pay a state fee, but due to the fact that such a statement is not of a property nature, the amount of the fee is quite small.

Step 4

Further, by a court decision, the boat is recognized as being in the ownership of a specific person who submitted an application, and the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels is obliged to register this vessel, which was originally required.

Step 5

And, finally, the third - either the inspector of this service comes to inspect this boat, or you bring it to the inspection, after which, after the registration and paperwork time has elapsed, which on average is no more than 3 weeks, you receive a ship ticket and numbers that must be attached to the side of the vessel. However, it must be remembered that for swimming you also need a license, for which you need to go through studies (from 1 to 1, 5 months in special courses), and then pass an exam at the State Inspection Institute.

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