How To Freeze A Soap Bubble

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How To Freeze A Soap Bubble
How To Freeze A Soap Bubble

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Why freeze a soap bubble? Soap bubbles are a very beautiful sight, but short-lived. Freezing significantly prolongs the life of a small aerial miracle and makes it possible to photograph it.

How to freeze a soap bubble
How to freeze a soap bubble


  • - water, soap, straw, glass;
  • - snow, freezer.


Step 1

Fill the glass one third full with water. Grate the soap on a fine grater, pour the soap powder into a glass, stir. At the same time, do not allow the formation of copious foam on the water surface.

Step 2

Take a straw and blow out bubbles: lower it to the bottom of the glass, tilt the glass, press the straw against the wall and twist it, then remove it from the glass with a smooth motion. It is better if a little foam remains at the end. Hold the straw horizontally to your mouth and blow evenly and not hard, without sudden changes. Gently twist the straw while blowing, making sure that no excess soap or liquid accumulates at the end.

Step 3

Pay attention to how durable the resulting bubbles are. If they last for less than five seconds, add more soap powder. The walls of the bubbles must be strong.

Step 4

Blow bubbles about four to six centimeters in diameter. To move the bubble from the end of the straw to its outer wall, gently wiggle it while rolling. Then, rotating the straw so that moisture and foam accumulate on the underside of the bubble, lower it along with the bubble onto the snow (it should be fluffy). If you are using the freezer, first make a soft frost pillow for the bubbles, then use it to freeze.

Step 5

Capture the moment when you can remove the straw from the bubble without breaking it. If you do this right away, the upper part of the bubble, which is too thin and not yet frozen, will burst, and if you are late, it will burst from the fact that it is already frozen and the straw has grappled with it. Pull the straw out in a smooth, quick motion a second after placing the bubble on the snow.

Step 6

Try freezing the bubbles in flight if the weather is cold enough. To do this, you do not need to rotate the tube and thicken the bottom of the bubbles, blow them out evenly and with the last sharp exhalation separate from the tube.

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