How To Make Money On Potatoes

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How To Make Money On Potatoes
How To Make Money On Potatoes

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Potatoes can become not only a favorite product, but also a reliable way of earning money. Due to the fact that this agricultural crop never loses its consumer demand, there are many simple ways to organize a potato business.

How to make money on potatoes
How to make money on potatoes


  • - potato
  • - landing area
  • - territory for autumn-winter storage
  • - sales market analysis
  • - certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur, LLC, etc.


Step 1

Choose a line of business. The most labor-intensive way to make money on potatoes is growing, which requires an impressive investment. To grow potatoes on a small production scale, at least 1 hectare of fertilized land is required. It is best if the site is located in an irrigated region with a temperate climate. When calculating the profit from the first harvest, you should include a loss of 20% from the rotting of the product in the event that young potatoes cannot be sold.

Step 2

Calculate the estimated yield of the site. Yield data from nearby agricultural holdings, as well as data from the local Department of Agriculture, can help with this.

Step 3

Select potato varieties to plant. It is best to use tubers of elite and super-elite species. Typically, these products are manufactured overseas. Experience shows that in industrial cultivation, domestic potato varieties are distinguished by low yield and quality indicators.

Step 4

Analyze the markets for finished products. So, the sale of potatoes can be taken under your own hands by opening retail outlets in cities and towns. An easier option is to release the goods to a wholesaler at a lower price. At this stage, a combined method is possible, in which the entire crop can be sold, both retail and wholesale. As sales markets, it is necessary to consider not only retail chains and private stores - public catering is often interested in constant supply of high-quality products in large volumes. This option is suitable for those who cannot maintain the autumn-winter storage, and are unable to leave the surplus until next year.

Step 5

Study the consumer market and potato prices in nearby communities. If cultivation is not suitable for you, retail sale is possible. To do this, you need to find private farmers or agricultural enterprises that sell potatoes in bulk. As a rule, they either do not have points of sale or are limited to a small number of such outlets. It is necessary to purchase potatoes that are affordable in terms of price and quality and organize their sale.

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