John Warren: Biography

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John Warren: Biography
John Warren: Biography

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John Warren - this name invariably attracts, arouses a genuine interest in everything with which it is connected. The biography of this journalist, TV presenter and businessman is no less interesting than the programs and publications that he makes and writes.

John Warren: biography
John Warren: biography

The most famous and popular project of John Warren is a TV show called Let's Go Let's Eat, in which a spontaneous and ingenuous Englishman enjoys trying and trying to cook dishes alien to his homeland and often incomprehensible and so strange to himself. His passion for learning everything new and unusual attracts the viewer, does not let him go throughout the entire program, although what this eccentric Englishman prepares on the screen is simple and understandable.

Passion for Russia comes from childhood

John began to show interest in Russia and everything Russian as a child. By the age of 12, the boy already had an excellent command of the Russian language, knew almost everything about the cultural heritage of such interesting representatives of the Slavic nationality for him, their customs and traditions. Along with Russian culture and language, John was fond of symphonic music and devoted more than 10 years to playing wind instruments in an orchestra.

Certified Russian with English roots

After completing his basic education, John entered the University of Bristol, where he continued to study the Russian language and literature. This period of his life ended with writing a dissertation on the works of the great Russian writer Bulgakov, whom, by the way, he read as a child and was very keen on him. After graduating from university, in 1991, John set out to conquer the mysterious and unusually attractive Russia for him.

Life in Russia

John decided to settle in Moscow. The first time of his stay, he devoted to grain trading in one of the largest companies. Three years later, he managed to open his own business in this direction in Rostov-on-Don. Moreover, his company not only bought agricultural products for export, but also was engaged in lending to suppliers - Russian farmers. But the 1998 default forced the Englishman to return to his historical homeland, where he lived for the next 6 years. However, Russia continued to beckon, and in 2004 he opened a small workshop for the production of meat products in the city of Korolev, Moscow Region.

Step into television

In 2012, a Russian TV channel invited a Russified Englishman to start creating a culinary program, and he happily agreed, although he never dreamed of a TV presenter's career. He has previously appeared on various TV shows, but as a guest or expert. The culinary theme has always fascinated John, for many years he collected recipes for the preparation of Russian dishes, and, of course, he did not miss the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. Together with the film crew of the program, he traveled over a hundred Russian cities, collected a unique collection of recipes, which contains more than 250 types of fish soup.

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