What Are The Fillers For Bean Bags

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What Are The Fillers For Bean Bags
What Are The Fillers For Bean Bags

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The peculiarity of the frameless chair is that it provides the seated person with ideal comfort. This furniture is easy to sew on your own. The choice of fabric for the cover will not cause difficulties, it is important to find the right filler. It is he who provides the maximum ease of use of this furniture.

The best filler for a frameless chair - foam granules
The best filler for a frameless chair - foam granules

The effect of relaxation in a pear-chair can only be provided by high-quality filler. He must gently envelop the body, while simultaneously holding it, not allowing it to fall awkwardly.

What is the best filler for a frameless chair?

Manufacturers of this furniture most often use expanded polystyrene granules as a filler for their products. They are sold in 100 liter plastic bags. The cost varies from 400 to 700 rubles. To fill a beanbag chair for a medium-sized adult, you will need about 400 liters of granules. Since the mass of the foam balls is small, in terms of weight, this will be only 5-6 kg.

Polystyrene granules are good because they are highly hygienic: they do not absorb sweat, dirt, odor. These elastic balls are capable of withstanding repeated loads, but if necessary, this filler is easy to replace. The granules are non-hygroscopic, insects will not start in them. In a word, from any point of view, a crumb of expanded polystyrene is the best choice for the manufacture of frameless furniture.

What else can you use as a beanbag filler?

A more exotic option for filler for frameless furniture is legumes: rice grains, peas, beans, beans. For those who seek to surround themselves with environmentally friendly things, this is a great alternative to expanded polystyrene. However, you should be aware that in this case, the room where the beanbag is located should have normal air humidity. With an increase, even well-dried legumes can become moldy, since the organic matter is very hygroscopic. In addition, if frameless furniture is in the country, various bugs can start in it. Legumes may also be of interest to rodents.

Bird feathers and wood shavings can be used as filler for the bean bag chair. They must be well dried, especially for feathers: wet ones have a specific smell. If there are allergies among the household, this type of filler is not recommended.

When choosing shavings, you need to be careful: carefully inspect the filler and remove all thin chips from it, thereby minimizing the risk of getting a splinter. The optimal choice is cedar shavings. It has a pleasant healing aroma, repels insects and other pests. Having purchased a bean bag chair, you need to think in advance about how to replace the stuffing, since over time it tends to fade away.

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