How To Fit Into Insurance

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How To Fit Into Insurance
How To Fit Into Insurance

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If the car insurance policy lists several drivers admitted to drive the vehicle, and the accident occurred while the car was being driven by a person whose details are not included in the policy, the insurance company will refuse to pay the insurance indemnity. Therefore, it is better to inscribe this person in the policy in advance.

How to fit into insurance
How to fit into insurance


copies of the driver's documents included in the insurance


Step 1

Collect information about the additional driver who needs to be entered in the vehicle insurance policy (CASCO). Remember that if your MTPL policy limits the number of people allowed to drive, you must add a new driver to this insurance contract. Ask the person you are going to enter into the policy to make a copy of his driver's license, a copy of the first page of his passport (date of birth is important).

Step 2

Contact the company with which you have concluded a vehicle insurance contract. The company's specialists will offer you to fill out a standard application form for making changes to the insurance policy, or they will offer you to write such a statement in free form. Write down all the data about the new driver, attach copies of documents.

Step 3

Examine the document that will confirm the entry of information about the new driver to the number of allowed to drive the vehicle. The insurance company must draw up a supplementary agreement to the original insurance policy based on your application. Check the spelling of the new driver's name and surname, his driver's license number, date of birth. If the supplementary agreement is drawn up correctly, put your signature on each of the two copies, one give to the representative of the insurance company.

Step 4

Remember that the insurance company has the right to revise the amount of the insurance premium upward if the inclusion of a new driver on the list of approved drivers significantly affects the degree of risk. Among such conditions, which increase the likelihood of an insured event, insurers include the driver's experience and his age. Pay the additional insurance premium in cash at the insurer's office, or transfer the required amount to the organization's account.

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