How To Grow An Acorn

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How To Grow An Acorn
How To Grow An Acorn

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For the germination of a young oak tree, it is important to choose good acorns. As a planting material, it is better to use the fruits of oaks growing in an area similar in climatic conditions to the region where the tree will grow, and not from Turkey, for example.

How to grow an acorn
How to grow an acorn


Step 1

Look after a healthy, sturdy tree in a park or forest belt. It is important that green acorns are visible on its branches by the end of August.

Step 2

Wait until mid-September. Check the first acorns to fall from the tree. To do this, cut the fruit in half, inspect the insides for parasites. If the heart of several acorns under the tree is crumbling into dust, it is better to choose another place to collect the planting material. Do not pick early fruits, they have fallen because, most likely, they are sick or damaged by parasites. The best time to collect acorns for future planting in Central Russia is late September.

Step 3

Collect a few acorns you like. They should be tight, not have cracks and external damage on the crust. Give preference to fruits with a uniform color, the shade should not be too dark or light. The presence of a cap is not necessary, it does not participate in the development of the sprout.

Step 4

Rinse the acorns with warm water to rinse away any mold spores.

Step 5

Dip the acorns into the water. Those fruits that immediately surfaced, most likely, will not germinate.

Step 6

Put a small piece of cotton cloth or bandage in a saucer, pour water into it. Place acorns in a saucer. Make sure that the water does not dry out. After 2 weeks, the acorns will give a small root and a young shoot.

Step 7

Plant an oak sprout in a pot of soil. Choose special soil for seedlings, do not use soil for succulents, soil with a high content of sand and clay, in such an environment oaks do not grow well. Make a small depression in the ground, place the sprouted acorn in it and sprinkle it lightly.

Step 8

Water the sprouts daily, young oak trees consume a lot of moisture. Loosen the soil in the pot once every two weeks.

Step 9

If you notice that the shoot has stopped developing, and the roots have filled all the space in the pot, transplant the oak into a larger container.

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