The Optimal Size Of The Barbecue Grill

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The Optimal Size Of The Barbecue Grill
The Optimal Size Of The Barbecue Grill

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Who exactly and in what year invented such a convenient design as a barbecue, history is silent. The meat cooked with it turns out to be surprisingly aromatic and juicy. The taste is greatly influenced by a good marinade and the ability to turn skewers on time.


Types of barbecues

This versatile device can be portable and stationary. The first option is considered a complex structure. Moreover, its cost can be quite significant. However, in most cases, these moments make up for the wonderful decorative properties of such barbecues. They provide maximum cooking convenience.

The dimensions of the barbecue are determined by the area of ​​the personal plot and the design idea. The main design principles are safety and ease of use, simplicity, functionality and good looks. It should be noted that, if desired, the brazier can be equipped with additional devices that will make the operation more comfortable.

Portable models of barbecues are used when hiking in the forest and on water bodies. Almost all components can be easily removed so that when transporting the barbecue, a lot of space is not required. This option is a rectangular metal box with legs and grooves on the sides. Special holes are provided for skewers and ventilation.

How to make a brazier with your own hands

Initially, you need to decide what size is optimal for the barbecue. It should be understood that the number of skewers that can be placed on it at the same time directly depends on the length of the barbecue. It is not recommended to make a brazier for more than 10 skewers, since it is quite difficult to keep track of a large number. Usually the length of the brazier does not exceed 1 meter, and the width is 30 centimeters. Ideally, 6-8 pieces are placed on the skewer, which are at some distance from the hot sides.

With regard to depth, most experts consider 20 centimeters to be the most appropriate distance. It is this arrangement of meat and coals that guarantees excellent frying of the dish and prevents the possibility of excessive drying out.

In general, the dimensions of the barbecue are selected individually, but the advice of experienced owners of such structures should be taken into account. Before the first use, you should make sure that the barbecue is stable. Its support should be four-point and be able to fix something on any surface. For example, by burying the lower part of the legs in the ground. The metal from which the brazier is built must withstand high temperatures without emitting harmful substances into the atmosphere.

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