How To Make A Small Box

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How To Make A Small Box
How To Make A Small Box

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Small cute little things presented as a gift usually need more volumetric packaging than they are, even if they have a certain value in themselves. However, finding something suitable for wrapping gift "little things" can sometimes be difficult. In this case, you can make a beautiful box with a lid for the size of a particular item. Made of designer paper and decorated with a ribbon or other decorative materials, such a box will be a worthy container for a small gift.

How to make a small box
How to make a small box


  • - design paper of two types;
  • - ruler, pencil;
  • - scissors;
  • - materials for decoration.


Step 1

First fold the lid for the small box. To do this, cut out a square with a side of 21.5 cm from a beautiful design paper with a bright pattern. Draw two intersecting diagonal lines from opposite corners of the square.

Step 2

Fold one of the corners of the paper square so that the top of that corner is exactly in the center of the square. Then fold the "trimmed" corner in half again so that the first fold aligns with the diagonal. In the same way, fold the remaining three corners of the workpiece and straighten the paper again. Each corner now has three fold lines.

Step 3

From two opposite corners of a square workpiece, cut from the edges of the paper to the fold line closest to the diagonal parallel to it. The lid blank is now ready for assembly.

Step 4

Assemble the lid by sequentially folding the paper blank along the fold lines in a specific order shown in the photo illustrating the step. No glue is used during assembly.

Step 5

Now, in the same way, from plain paper, combined with the color of the lid, make the box itself. Cut out a slightly smaller square (21.2 mm side) so that the lid can slide freely over the box. Bend it and assemble the box using the previous description for making the lid.

Step 6

Place the box and lid together, making sure to put the gift inside. Decorate the product with a ribbon, rhinestones, a congratulatory label, or other types of decor.

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