Where Is Cast Iron Used

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Where Is Cast Iron Used
Where Is Cast Iron Used

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Cast iron is an alloy of iron with a small amount of carbon. Sometimes alloying additives are also introduced into this composition, giving it higher consumer qualities. This metal is a primary material for ferrous metallurgy. It is used not only in steel production and mechanical engineering, but also for the manufacture of artistic products.

Where is cast iron used
Where is cast iron used


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Cast iron has very valuable qualities that make it suitable for the manufacture of products for various purposes. This metal is cheap and has excellent casting properties. It also has high hardness and strength. For this reason, cast iron is widely used where products of bizarre shape are needed that can withstand serious loads. It is used, for example, for the manufacture of machine tool bases and machine body parts.

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In mechanical engineering, the so-called gray cast iron, which contains graphite, is widely used. Products made of this metal are almost insensitive to the influence of stresses and well absorb vibrations arising from vibrations of machines and mechanisms. Gray cast iron is good for critical parts such as bushings and machine beds.

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Indispensable for cast iron in the automotive industry. It produces durable and wear-resistant engine blocks. For greater reliability, special graphite additives are also included in the metal composition. This improved cast iron can also be used in the production of diesel crankshafts.

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The metal, in which part of the carbon is in a bound state, is used to manufacture parts that can operate under conditions of increased friction. This cast iron is used to make high-quality brake pads and rolls for paper or flour mills.

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Ductile iron also has its own areas of application. It has excellent damping properties even when compared to steel and performs well at low temperatures. This modification of the metal is used in the manufacture of critical components of tractors and cars that have to work in harsh climatic conditions.

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Another area of ​​application of cast iron is the production of sanitary ware. Pipes, radiators, fittings, kitchen sinks and sinks are made from this metal. Until now, cast iron baths are in great demand, which are distinguished by high strength, reliability, practicality and durability. These products can serve in homes for several decades, retaining their original appearance and do not need to be replaced.

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Cast iron is widely used for making art products. Most of St. Petersburg's embankments, for example, are decorated with cast iron elements. In the city on the Neva, one can often see cast openwork gates and fancy fences made of this metal. There are also cast-iron monuments.

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