What Are The Advantages Of An Induction Cooker

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What Are The Advantages Of An Induction Cooker
What Are The Advantages Of An Induction Cooker

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Despite the fact that the first kitchen induction cookers appeared in the 70s of the last century, they began to gain real popularity relatively recently. The principle of operation of these devices, their pros and cons are still not clear to everyone.



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The fundamental difference between an induction cooker and others is that the source of heat here is not the cooker, but the dishes themselves. The fact is that when certain materials are placed in an electromagnetic field, so-called eddy currents arise in them, the flow of which causes the material to heat up. Simply put, it is not the stove that heats up, but the bottom of the frying pan or saucepan. This makes it possible to bring the efficiency of the induction cooker to 90%, since there are no energy losses, which are inevitable in other cases, since in gas or electric furnaces a significant part of the energy is spent on heating the surrounding air.

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Another significant advantage of an induction hob is its safety. Since the surface of the stove itself does not heat up during operation, it is impossible to burn yourself. In addition, if there are no dishes on the stove, the stove simply will not turn on, and if the frying pan or pan is removed during operation, it will automatically turn off. This saves energy quite effectively.

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An induction cooker heats up cookware much faster than other types of cookers, outperforming even gas stoves. In addition, unlike gas ovens, an induction cooker allows you to control the heating temperature much more accurately, which means it gives you more options for choosing a cooking method. Finally, to use an induction cooker, only electricity is required, while gas stoves must be connected to a gas supply system or a gas cylinder, which further increases the fire hazard.

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The advantages of induction cookers include an ergonomic design that makes it easy to clean the surface of the cooker from various types of dirt. And since the hob itself does not heat up to high temperatures, the food that gets on it does not burn, as is the case with other types of stoves.

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Unfortunately, induction cookers also have some disadvantages. In particular, they only work with pans that are made of materials with ferromagnetic properties, such as steel or cast iron. Modern cookware suitable for induction cookers is marked with a special spring-shaped icon, however, a regular magnet will also work for testing. If the cookware is made of the wrong material, the stove will simply not turn on.

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In addition, a significant drawback of this type of stove can be considered a rather large power consumption, but on the other hand, the operation of the stove practically does not depend on the stability of the voltage in the network. However, it is only worth connecting the induction hob to an outlet with sufficient power.

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