How To Sprout Rice

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How To Sprout Rice
How To Sprout Rice

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Sprouted grains are a unique food product. They are widely used in a variety of health-improving diets, are included in the diet of people suffering from various diseases, and are also successfully included in the menu of those who lead a healthy lifestyle. One of the cereals that can be germinated at home is rice.

How to sprout rice
How to sprout rice


  • - brown or wild rice;
  • - water;
  • - land and peat.


Step 1

The secret of the healing effect of rice sprouts lies in the fact that in the process of swelling and germination of the seed, the entire supply of nutrients is converted into an active living form. Such substances are already ready for use: proteins become amino acids, starch turns into sugar, fats are converted into fatty acids, all this is perfectly absorbed by our body. Together with the sprout, we receive not only biologically active vitamins and microelements, but also a colossal supply of energy from the newly emerging plant life.

Step 2

The biggest challenge in growing rice is buying seeds. It is pointless to use the grains that are sold in the store, since they have gone through the grinding procedure and will no longer be able to germinate. Brown unpolished rice is often found on the market, its seeds are capable of germination, but this process can take 7 to 10 days. Wild rice is considered the best choice for sprouting, as it is harvested by hand and not peeled. However, such a product is expensive for many.

Step 3

After the necessary seeds are purchased, you can start germinating them. First, rinse the rice in plenty of cool water. Those grains that have surfaced must be removed, they are unusable. Then the rice needs to be soaked. When choosing utensils for soaking, keep in mind that the volume of the grains will approximately double after germination. Place the washed rice in a dish and cover with water so that it slightly covers it. After 8 - 10 hours, rinse the grains with running water and place them back in the dish, periodically moistening for germination. After about two days, small white sprouts will appear. These grains are ready to eat.

Step 4

To obtain green sprouts (sproutus), it is necessary to place the washed seeds in the ground mixed with peat and cover with a cardboard or gauze cover to maintain an optimal moisture level. The sprouts will be ready in 7 to 10 days. Rice should not be germinated more than 1 to 2 ml, as it becomes toxic and unsuitable for food. Also, you cannot eat unsprouted grains. The resulting sprouts can be stored in the refrigerator, but it is not recommended to keep them there for more than two days.

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