Hand Gum: How To Chew It

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Hand Gum: How To Chew It
Hand Gum: How To Chew It

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The appearance of the handgam is similar to that of a large gum. Only it is not intended at all for the mouth, but for the hands. Therefore, you still do not need to taste it. But then how to use it and how to chew with your hands? There is no doubt that a person has found many ways to use such a toy.

Hand gum: how to chew it
Hand gum: how to chew it


Step 1

This viscous substance is a great warm-up for your hands. Use it to train fine motor skills. It won't stick or get your hands dirty. The product contributes to the development of dexterity, pumping up the muscles of the arms, replacing the expander.

Step 2

When the question arises about how to relieve stress, think about handgum. Remember that this product is not poisonous or radioactive. If you are in a bad mood, take this product in your hands, wrinkle it, pull and stretch it. This hand gum is a good substitute for the existing habit of banging, biting nails or drawing spirals.

Step 3

Also remember that with the help of this plasticine, which looks like Lizuna, you can massage your hands, which in turn helps to improve your health. After all, everyone knows that there are energy points on our hands.

Step 4

With prolonged use, the handgam will behave like a liquid. In this case, try gluing the toy to the bottom of any flat surface. Leave this product for a while. Pretty soon the handgam will drain like honey.

Step 5

Make a shockproof and waterproof case for your phone. Develop your imagination: use the substance instead of plasticine for sculpting in any inappropriate places for this. For example, in transport.

Step 6

Remember that you can buy handgam or make it yourself. Handgam will not lose its magical properties for five years. The product can be washed, but there is no special need for this. When the handgam is not in use, place it away from dust and hair in a special plastic box in which it is most often sold.

Step 7

Such a toy is suitable for a child only after eight years. Warn the child that this product cannot be eaten. Handgam is usually very popular with children. This hand gum can keep you busy. It cannot be broken. In the event that it breaks, you can easily glue it back.

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